5 ways to prepare for the Holiday season

For those of you who have been reading my blogs for a while, you know that these last 3 months of the year is always my seed planting time.

I love not having to travel as much and I love the peace of mind, the freshness, the idea of new beginnings the prospect of the New Year has to offer.

For many of you however, these last 3 months of the year is your money making months. Gift cards, Holiday parties and “spending” is in the air.

I’ve made the mistake of just letting it all come naturally when I owned my Salon. It wasn’t until my later years in Business when I realized preparation for the Holiday Season is not just imperative, it’s required.

The very first item on my list which I recommend is clean. Clean your drawers, your stations, your reception area, your retail shelves….clean-clean-clean.

I found this to be important because during this season we decorate, we bring on impulse items, we offer Holiday refreshments. We do a bit more during this season than probably any other season of the year. For me, starting with a fresh pallet always made a huge difference in how I felt.

A couple of ideas would be;

  • Alternate your retail. Remove items you’ve had on the self for a while and replace them with stocking stuffers or maybe new items you wish to introduce.
  • Check your tools. Are your brushes old and need replacement? Do your nippers need to be sharpened or replaced? Having great tools while busy is a dream.
  • Clean everything your client touches. Door handles, payment machines, curing lamps…all those small things we went out of our way to clean during covid, yet resorted back to bad habits

The 2nd thing I recommend is to look for your Holiday impulse items. The additional income this brings in over the season is not just a drop in the hat. It’s substantial.

  • I recommend bringing these items in no later than the end of October. People will begin to “grab” items starting now.
  • I recommend adding a few like, but different items. Items like Holiday creams for hands and feet. Cuticle repair items “small” for stocking stuffers.
  • I recommend sample items to include with a service to entice your clients to buy. This is also a great way to say “thank you”.

The 3rd thing I recommend is spice up your services. Many Technicians think that “add on” items need to be year round. They certainly can be, yet they don’t have to be.

  • Our golden girl mask by LCN is our #1 upgrade item for the Holiday season. A simple $50 upgrade affords your client the luxury of feeling like a Princess or Prince with a golden mask applied to their hands/arms or feet/legs. A superior product designed to soften, tighten and make the skin glow.
  • Another Holiday favorite is our youth treatment peeling powder. This simple upgrade is highly cost effective for you yet, it can warrant a $25.00 upgrade. YTPP is a European peeling mask for hands/arms and feet/legs. It will tighten and brighten the skin leaving the client feeling refreshed and bright.
  • Offer a quick in and out service for pretty feet. I’m not a proponent of quick services however, we have to realize this is the hustle/bustle season. With our new sa’SHá a quick remedy service is doable and very effective. You can literally charge $75 minimum for a 30 minute service. And, it’s much better and more effective than just a polish change. Visit www.sashafootcare.com

A few other items on my list when I owned my Salon were;

  • Pep talk to your team. Summer is ending, Fall is in the air. There is a natural high which comes with this change of season. Now is the time to attack that high and work on ways to keep it going through this very stressful season.
  • Decorate. Our clients looked forward to what we were going to surprise them with concerning our decorations. We went big for Halloween, a bit more subdued for Fall and then just absolutely gorgeous for Christmas. Tis the season. Embrace and enjoy it.
  • Sanitation evaluation. During the hustle and bustle there is always something which suffers or falls by the wayside. DON’T let it be your sanitation. A nice refresher for your team on the importance of proper sanitation is always a great way to start a busy season. Centre For Beauty offers an infection prevention manual exactly for this purpose. No need to schedule time to try to get everyone together. Each Technician can go through the manual on their own. Want to make sure they read it? Write a list of questions to ask when they are done and/or insist they get the Certificate of Completion. Our test require 100% accuracy. Sanitation is NOT something to fudge.
  • Review communication (or all) policies. During this hustle and bustle season, you WILL encounter the grinch. Speak to your team about your policies and the best way to manage an angry or upset or demanding client. Words hurt and people will hear and remember only what they want to. Teach your team to be their kindest, their happiest, cheerful, professional self.

My last piece of advice is start now. Don’t say “oh these are good ideas” and then never do them Just do it. Time is traveling fast this year and the season isn’t going to be any different. Preparation is always key and NOW is the time for you to prepare.

Happy 4th season everyone. Thank you for always reading my blog and for your amazing continued support.

Centre For Beauty will be offering Holiday creams and specialty items. Keep an eye out for upcoming emails which we will share these new items and their availability. Happening soon!

CJ Murray, President

Centre For Beauty

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