Pay it forward

I ran into our grocery store the other day. I only needed a couple of things.

I went to the express counter. There was one man in front of me, and no one behind me.

The man had a problem with his form of payment. I shortly realized there were now 8 people behind me. The man was trying to transfer money…he was very uncomfortable and/or embarrassed.

A woman came over to see what the problem was. I guessed it was his wife. He was telling her he was short $15.98 and she was telling him there is money in the car. Again, the man was embarrassed and then told the clerk to cancel the transaction, he’ll come back.

While this was happening, I was organizing my bills because they were in a huge mess from my 11 days of travel. I think you can relate.

I was stunned to see I had more money than I thought I did. Hence, what happens next.

I paid the $15.98. Both he and his wife fought for me not to do that. I just said “your welcome…just pay it forward”

I share this story not because I’m bragging on myself. It’s about being where you are supposed to be. Believing in what the universe can bring you. Accepting things do happen for a reason.

I was in the middle of a small group of people, sitting in front of the fireplace on a cool night in Painted Post, NY. The conversation turned to taro cards and some very interesting readings. I was blown away.

I didn’t know these people very well or even at all prior to the show, accept one. Yet hearing what their cards were saying was bullseye to what I was thinking. And, to make it even more strange, my article that I wrote last Monday, prior to meeting these ladies and/or talking to them, was exactly about what I wrote.

My personal reading was just crazy. How they read what was in my mind. My concerns.  I’ll never know. Yet, it was 100% dead on.

One of the cards was a lady between to sides. One side was dark and gloomy, the other side was rainbow, sunshine and bright. The lovely lady was looking towards the rainbow.

I eventually ended up reading my article to the group. We all had goosebumps and chills. It was insane.

Then, to continue the story. The next day we left to drive to our next destination and we were witness to 2 beautiful double rainbows. One was while the sun was shining, the other when it started to rain. We literally saw where the rainbow ended. Stunning.

Believe what you believe but I was intended to be where I was, for a reason. And for me that journey continues. My fears were addressed that evening and got my head back where it had always been, yet somehow got lost. Staying positive, believing and have faith.

For me, being able to even afford to hand out $15.98 to a stranger reminded me of the days when I had nothing, and people were there for me. I’m thankful for where I came from and very grateful for where I am. I wanted to pay it forward.

Our lives take twist and turns which we never expect. What I have learned over the years is to keep yourself open. The opportunities, the revelations, the GOOD which comes out of accepting…is fabolous.

Today is the final day of our show season

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CJ Murray, President


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