What’s Happening?

Those were the only words I could think of when I attempted to find a salon where I could get shampoo and blow-dry only.

I do like to have that done for me, yet it’s not something I do often, at all. I have injured my neck, collar bone and left hand/arm. I was seeing a chiropractor before we left for our daughters wedding.  When I returned I went to my family Dr. and he’s treating me with anti-inflammatory drugs as they think i’ts a pinched nerve in my neck. Bottom line, use my left arm/hand as little as possible for 2 weeks.

Any hoot, I left close to 9;30 in the morning and drove right to a super cuts in a nearby plaza. That experience was a reminder for me never to open another salon. LOL I’m sorry but I think most of you will know what I’m saying.

  • Goth style hair dressers stops cutting her clients hair to come talk with me at front desk. #1 did you book on line? #2 have you been here before? #3 what do you want done
  • The Goth isn’t my issue, it’s just for the story. I tell her I just want a shampoo and blow-dry. She begins to tell me prices and I cut her off and say thank you, it’s all fine. Okay she says, there are 2 ahead of you. Okay Fine!
  • Then a lady who was probably my age yet I thought looked much older, comes over to tell me the next hairstylist isn’t going to be here till 11:00. I don’t think we will have time. I looked at her and said for a shampoo & blow-dry? Ive been in this industry for 35 years, we are talking 15-20 minutes max.
  • Then I just got up and said never mind, i’ll find someone who appreciates my business...and walked out.

Maybe I over-reacted yet all I could think of is how so many stylist/technicians  are so lazy and unfriendly. I know…I’ve hired some myself. In addition, how can a place like super cuts still be in business because their claim to fame was quick cuts. Now more than 1/2 of the hair chairs are empty because no one wants to work. It’s insane.

So what we are finding in our salons are black and white. The younger generation vs the older generation. Goth to Older looking lady. Quick cuts trying to maintain Business which Technology is taking away.

From there I proceed to another salon down the road. Been there for years. In fact one of my old stylist came from there…years ago.

I ride up to the window parking spot. I check the door it’s locked….For Rent sign in the window. Ugh!

Okay, I’m going along up the road and there’s a plaza across from my old warehouse. I pull in….no where to be seen. GONE!

By this time, I’m ready to give up and I thought there is a slot on the road our Business is on. If they aren’t open, I can do a turn at the lite, go by 2 more places and head into work.

  1. Didn’t open until 10am
  2.  salon didn’t open until 11am
  3.  salon closed
  4. salon had a sign on their window that said “don’t bother coming in unless you have a scheduled appointment.

By this time, I just threw my hands up.

It saddens me. Where or who is going to be our future in this industry.

However, when I think about it, it’s always been this way. The old get out then come back in and the young begin take over the market. They typically destroy it yet we somehow find a way to hang on. And, the cycle begins all over again.

With all the technology there is today, it’s easy to operate everything by phone and our younger generation is in bed with it. They take the lazy way out of everything. They let an app do it all.

Why pull out the yellow page books to figure out which one of the 100ths of Jon Smiths that are in the book, is the one you want. Then dial a number and have to go through an operation (3rd person) to connect the call whom….BTW can stay in and listen to your conversation. When we can google it with the same result….quicker.

Unfortunately what we consider as “growth” “trending” or whatever, is killing the 2-basic parts of our being. People & interaction.

We are forgetting how important it is to be in-person and hands-on. We forget about the importance of learning how to communicate with others. We forget about the important of investing our time towards our passion to physically be in a class.

Because of this, our Industry will be entirely automated. It’s already started with “clockwork” available at Target $10 for less than 10 minutes to get your nailed polished.

So tell me…is “what’s Happening” normal? Or is the just the beginning of the end?

I never did get my hair done. It is what it is. Maybe I’ll find a place who has a machine to do an automated shampoo and blow-dry…..it’s coming!

CJ Murray, President

8 thoughts on “What’s Happening?”

  1. I hope our commitment to excellence in our businesses will separate us & propel us in this industry because being rude & late is not a prerequisite for being q great stylists. People put up with crazy attitudes from the hair stylists (popular & or nail techs). Sad to hear so many horror stories about unprofessional & ridiculous behavior.

  2. Tracy Hazen Singleterry

    I have gone back into the business to find that people don’t keep appts. They cancel an hour before they show. People are doing the business out of their homes now and everyone is extremely lazy.

    I just told my husband this evening, I’m tired of this business again

    1. Tracy, I feel you for sure. I believe however, that market you want is still out there. You have to market to them. Network with other Businesses and get involved in community events. Liked minded people.

  3. I hear exactly what you mean. I think that for the older generation like us, we were so used to dealing with people. Having that interaction with our clients, the one-on-one experience. Now like you said its all done through websites, online, not phone or in-person. I get so stressed knowing that my business needs to upgrade to the new system and ways which for me personally its really hard. I miss the old way when you were able to walk-in and have a conversation with a person not a stupid machine. I love all of your blogs, please never stop ❤️❤️❤️

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