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In focusing on staying within the Limits of our License, I want to focus on how to handle a situation with a client of whom you may not be able to service.  

It’s not that difficult but it does take know how and confidence to turn down $$$$.  You can be sure however, not only do you end up making more money in the long run, you gain a lifetime client and you build a reputation of Professionalism with Honest intent.  We first need to make sure we are ALWAYS providing a consultation service.   But yet, there are still many out there that do not provide a consultation service.  

A consultation speaks of Professionalism.  I couldn’t imagine getting my hair done and my Hair Stylist performs a service without asking me questions, looking at my hair and discussing options.  This should be the same for the Foot Care service.  In my opinion, even more crucial.  You can’t identify and make your recommendations without a visual consult.  Not all feet are created equal, and neither should our Foot Care service be.

So now we have done our visual and we determine by the appearance of the thickness and discoloration, there is an “indication” our client has a toenail fungus.  Notice I use the word “indication”.  Short and sweet, WE AS NAIL TECHNICIANS CAN NOT DIAGNOSE!   However, based on our Education and Experience Mrs. XYZ, what I am observing is indicative of a fungus on your great toenail.

Your next 2 steps should be as follows;  1) Recommend she visits a Dr. for a culture test to determine if it is indeed a fungus.  This is why having a referral partnership set up with a team of local Dr’s is so important.  And yes, I mean a team.  You should have referral partners in Podiatry, Dermatology and General Practice.  2) You should carry an OTC product you can recommend to Mrs. XYZ.  OTC anti-fungal products vary from product to product in regards to what effectiveness these produce.  We don’t “kill” the fungus, that would be a Medical position.  But, we have great products that appear to dormant the growth or slow it.  And, the reality is……if you don’t recommend a product to Mrs. XYZ then she is driving to CVS to purchase an OTC product from them.

Now we are done with our consultation….can we proceed with the service?  Some may say no, but I say yes…..with provisions!  1)  No work is performed on the nail in question.  This means no clipping, filing, cuticle work or polish. 2) CLEAN, SANITIZE, DISINFECT!  Sadly, many take short cuts when it comes to products used for disinfection.  Know your products, know what your State requires AND go above and beyond.  Believe me, cutting corners on disinfection will cost you $$$$ later.


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