The other side of the mirror!

There is another side?

The longer we are sitting behind the chair, you forget what it was like being on the other side. After all, we have all been a client at a Resort, Spa or Salon.
The longer you have been sitting where you are, the harder it is for us to think like a client. A client which, we have all been.
Have you thought about this:
  • How do they feel about you being on your cell phone while performing the service
  • How do they feel about never being asked is how have her nails done during the last 2 weeks. Is the shape okay, the length?
  • How do they feel when a solicitor walks in and takes the time of who they are paying
  • How do they feel if you were talking to someone else while they are receiving a service from you.
I think we have this perception that once a client becomes a regular….she’s a friend, she’s family. We forget they are still actually a client of yours.
Sometimes it is just the simple touches that can revive that first time client feeling.  That feeling that made you feel special.  Like you were really appreciated.
  • Did you make sure you asked her if she wanted coffee or wine (depending on the time of day)
  • Did you look her in the eyes and pause for a moment to say “thank you, I appreciate you”?
  • How about thanking her for leaving a tip?

When we look at years end and reminisce about the year behind us, we must also look forward and decide what we can do to make our future even better.

If we keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, then welcome to the world of insanity.  We have to change our habits, our patterns.  We need to step out of the box yet think simplistic at the same time.

  • Market your existing client base.  It’s so much easier and cheaper to market from within.
  • Offer a Pedicure client a free hand massage.  (using your favorite manicure creams)
  • Offer a hair client a free foot massage.  Give them a taste of what a real pedicure can feel like.
  • Test new products and share with your clients.

Cross sell….that’s the word.  Cross sell to your already existing clients and watch your Business grow quicker than you could ever imagine.

Try two(2) techniques each month.  Plan your calendar for 6 months in advance.  Choose 12 services and/or product you want to focus on to help grow your business.


These are just teaser ideas.  There is so much more simplistic ways to grow your Business.  Keep reading our Blog and check out our Missing Pieces class being offered for the first time.  It’s a class that will give you a very high ROI.

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