The art of development!


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to title this article.

The art of development seemed appropriate because developing services and protocols truly is an art.

However, I am also regurgitating past articles of a topic which, I’ve spoke (and written) on many times. “The waterless Pedicure”. Should I have called it “regurgitation”?

I don’t know and truly will never know unless I share the same article with a different title which….is exactly what we do with changing ups our menus.

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This article is also written with a certain few in mind. You know who you are 🙂

Clients who have reached out to me in an effort to “change it up” a bit, bring new and exciting into their Foot Care rooms and/or just re-evaluating their already existing service.

Regardless of who the need is for, or what reason for the need, it’s all so very exciting to me. As I’ve always said, “variety is the spice of life” and changing things up, adding exciting and re-evaluating is exactly what our Salons need to stay motivated, stay current and make their clients happy.

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The idea of a waterless Pedicure has been around for years. It took first place in our Technicians who consider themselves “Medical Pedicurist”. And, it really got attention during Covid.

Now, many are realizing the benefits which can be derived from offering a waterless Pedicure which means there is no classification as to who is offering this service.

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There are challenges however, when switching from a traditional pedicure to a waterless pedicure

  • How do we condition our clients who love the soaking process
  • How do we manicure the toenails if we shouldn’t cut them while dry
  • How do we get our team on board
  • What do we charge

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I will address all of those questions. Firstly though, take a moment to read some of my previous articles regarding waterless pedicures. I’m confident you will find something to use if you are considering making changes in your foot care room.

Experience Serenity, offering a waterless pedicure

Soak-Less Luxury

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Conditioning our clients who are accustomed to a traditional Pedicure really doesn’t have to be all that complicated.

You first have to have confidence (there’s that word again) in the process. You have to know 150% in your mind, and believe what you are about to do is the best thing for everyone involved. You, your team, your clients.

You have to know the reasons. Why are you making the change? Your clients will want to know. It’s like having your 30 second commercial. Write the script, share it with your team, study and apply it.

We opted for a soak-less Pedicure because we have learned and feel they are safer for our clients. We have felt the need for re-evaluating our services in order to better service our clients. We have also began using products which, we have found are very effective in dry pedicure services.

The ‘Feel, Felt, Found’ technique is a classic objection handling technique. How well you use it could make the difference between it working as intended, to effectively neutralize the objection in the customer’s mind before it even begins.

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Manicuring the toenails, in my opinion is the trickiest since I know, cutting toenails dry is the absolute worst thing you can do. Why? Any torque on the nail can cause separation from the skin leaving portal of entry for bacteria to enter.

My #1 recommendation for any dry service on the feet which includes manicuring is use an e-file. With your pedicure bits, you can trim the toenails without having to cut them. Not only does this eliminate the torque, it also can give the toenails a much cleaner look.

However…..if you have not been properly trained on an e-file, do your studying. There are many utube videos, on line classes and in person classes available. Many, many, many bad things can happen if you are not properly trained.

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When it comes to cuticle maintenance and using an efile, there is no doubt you can obtain a nice, clean look.

Again, “proper” efiling is imperative. Once again, many, many, many bad things can happen if you falter on your technique.

I would like to add however, 24 years in my Salon working behind the chair I did not use an efile. Manual procedures using effective cuticle care products, tools and files can also be extremely effective. However, with that being said, once I did learn how to use an efile and began using one in my procedures, I must admit, it was faster.

I do suggest when using your manual techniques, you spray the entire toenail with a good softening spray like our LCN Soak Spray, Footlogix callous softening spray or Podosafe to soften the nail prior to clipping.

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Change is inevitable and one thing I know about Nail Technician…they don’t like change.

  • Encouraging your team to have an open mind is first and foremost.
  • Including them in the process may also be important
  • Explaining to them, as you would you customers (as noted above) is also a good thing and
  • Leaving yourself with an open mind to accept ideas they may have, is also important

As a former Salon owner however, I do have to say this….the ball drops with you, the Owner. You pay the bills, you have the liability…the final decision needs to be yours.

However, I know many of you either don’t work behind the chair nor even do Pedicures. In this case, reach out to the Professionals you know and trust before you go to your team. In addition, you really need to understand the process before you can expect your team to adjust.

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The final challenge and question I always get  is what to charge.

The way I look at it is just because you have changed a process doesn’t mean your bottom line cost have changed. Do you think eliminating water reduces your cost? Ummmmm……the reality is, you still have to produce your square footage dollars. (read; About raising your prices)

In addition, the quality of your service should not be changing because you aren’t soaking anymore.

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For more thoughts go to my blog archive. There are many articles on many topics.

I just want to leave you with a couple more thoughts;

  • Perceived value
  • Professionalism
  • Confidence



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2 thoughts on “The art of development!”

  1. I’m definitely working on constantly educating myself with advanced foot care, but I care the minimum. I am raising my prices es because of demand, I’m bless to be in demand for my advanced skills for those who are willing to take on a foot care journey. I’m definitely so interested in waterless pedicures and hot steamer instead of soaking or other methods. I just need to watch more videos and practice more with models until I find what I like best.

    1. I’ve followed you enough to know education is hugely important to you. No doubt, you will succeed at anything you put your mind too.

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