Sleep risk associated with Diabetes

30.3 million Americans living with diabetes face a variety of obstacles in pursuing a restful night’s sleep along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Unfortunately, if you add in the stress associated with the COVID19 pandemic, sleeping soundly or restfully has become more difficult.
It’s kinda crazy, yet in my years of educating regarding diabetes, restless sleep was just never on my radar.
This is so crazy because we all know not getting a good nights rest has a huge affect on our minds, our bodies and our overall physical well-being.

I am tickled pink my article caught the attention of the “Sleep Ninja” (love the name) of the Slumberyard. I’m pleased because we just never know when we “put something out there” who’s attention it will get.

We know how to help our diabetic clients in the pedicure chair. We know what to teach them regarding at home care for their feet. We know diet, exercise and mental health is important.

Enjoy the article below and learn how a good nights sleep plays a big role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle even with diabetes.

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CJ Murray
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