Oncology care – are you qualified?

Having just completed a year long run of trade shows, I’m taking time to look through my notes. I’m reminded of all the questions asked of me throughout the year. Many I would answer directly while many I can only inform.

There is one question which I am asked repeatedly. Of all the classes available to us as “pedicurist” which one would I recommend?

This is very difficult for me because I feel, all education is good education. We as Technicians need to be able to distinguish between what we are being taught and what is within the limits of our license.

So let me go down the list of classes I am aware of. Please note; This information is based on hours and hours of conversations with Technicians who have taken these classes and/or my own view from me personally taking these classes.

In addition, these are MY thoughts. Thoughts I share with you for you to research and YOU make the final decision. It is only what I know, and that certainly isn’t everything.

I am going to begin with the OSS class. Oncology care in the Pedicure room. I begin here because this is my #1 class of choice. Yes, I do work with the OSS and teach this class….however, I do so because I believe in it.

One may think that by the description, this class is all about Pedicures in the service arena pertaining to Oncology Care clients. It is. However, it is so much more.

Yes, we learn about the history of cancer

We learn about the modalities of cancer

We learn about the types of cancer

Types of Integrated Therapies

We learn about the treatments of cancer ….these are only Day 1 

Day 2 is filled with information directly related to the Mind, Body & Spirit. We learn about Spa modifications. We learn about ingredients. We learn extensively about skin cancer.

Day 3 is extensive learning of a proper consultation form, What not to do on a client, What can you do when you can’t do something. We also have a share circle of guest who have had or are going through Oncology care…and we reward their sharing with hands on services.

There are MANY interactive moments. It can be and usually is highly emotional.

What I personally love about this class and why I recommend it highly is the fact that what we learn can be used in everyday life. Yes, we want to make sure we properly care for a person with Cancer. However, we have many other clients whom suffer from many different auto immune diseases which….are at as high a risk as anyone with cancer.

In addition, it really makes you think about how you speak to your clients, your friends, your family when they are stricken with a life changing disease. It makes you think about your actions. It makes you realize the importance of our job. In the end, it makes you feel eternally grateful.

What do I know about the North American School of Podology?

In my early days of Distribution and owning my Salon, I hosted a total of 27 of these classes. I myself have taken 4 levels. To begin with, I believe again, all education is good education. 

What I know about this NASP class is that it is Canadian based. This means, certification comes from the Canadian Board of Education. Does that matter to you? Maybe not. However, it does matter to our State rules and regulations. I recommend you check with your own State Board to verify you are able to hang that certificate on your wall.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the course, however I am told there are teachings in the course which do not fit into the limits of our license. Is that true? Whether it is or not, you just have to be aware again, what is or is not allowed in your State.

NASP teaches mechanics. Trimming toenails, bits to use on what, BS Brace. The mechanics of the feet in relation to bones, muscle ligament structure. It’s all good. You just have to again, distinguish what is or is not allowed here in the USA.

Nail-Care academy. I have really begun to learn a lot more about this program run by Janet McCormick. I have personally taken a couple of levels and commit to one day doing the Foot Care nurse segment (should my life every slow down). ha!

What I personally like about this program is like many available to us, there are different levels of education you can take in your time frame. You can learn the basics of Nail Care or go to the level of Foot Care Nurse. You can work with a Podiatrist or just keep honing your skills to work Professionally within the Nail Beauty arena.

Janet is very informed on all our rules and regulations here in the USA and she is consistently adjusting her courses accordingly.  They aren’t one and done. They are specific to our needs, our regulations and our desires.

She also is very personable. You can reach out to her at any time. She is happy to listen, to talk, to teach.  Janet’s goal is to make you a 6-figure Technician while following all the rules.

Meticulous Manicurist. I’ve heard a various amount of comments regarding this course. I have not taken this course myself, so I am speaking from what I have heard from my fellow peers.

Meticulous Manicurist is very engulfed in the DIY culture. Although, there are classes specifically for the licensed Nail Technician. As with NASP, I hear (but have not been able to verify), there are some teachings which do not stay within the limits of our license. Again, it is your responsibility to NOT do what you shouldn’t do.

It is USA based and they have branded themselves nicely. I would just recommend to do your homework. If this class fits into your criteria then this class is for you.  Full disclosure…..I know very little about this program.

MediNails program. This class has been around for a while. It is owned by a Podiatrist and teaches some really detailed information. Information which, I’m not really sure we all need.

In any case, it is a level course like many above. You can do on line and learn how to work with Podiatrist as well.  I did take the initial levels of this course and at the time it was a bit difficult because the videos did not match the wording. It was distracting and irritating. I did share this information with them. It’s been a while so I can not say whether that situation is still the same.

Again, all education is good education. YOU have to know between right and wrong.

As we finish 2023 and enter into 2024 I urge you to take a moment or even a full day to prioritize what is important to you and your Business. If education is important research which class might be best for you.

I do NOT recommend using Utube as your education of choice. If you are a Professional in this industry, don’t get educated by DIY videos. Interacting with your peers, committing your time and your $$$$ is the only right way to grow your Business. There is NO other option. Utube may be great for refreshers, however you can not compare tube videos to in-house, hands on training.

I’m happy to talk with you to give you clear information to make a good solid decision. Only you can make the decision yet, I can certainly assist you with any questions or concerns.

We have already started to post our upcoming classes on our Education page at www.cjscentreforbeauty.com.  If you keep checking, you will continue to see updates.

CJ Murray, President

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