It’s time to plant!

How crazy is it that we have entered into the final weeks of 2019? I can still remember the Y2K of 2000. It seemed so impossible that we had actually hit the year 2000, but 2019? No freaking way!

Many of you know how this time of year for me, is seed planting time. Business will have a tendency to slow down a bit. I will be in my office longer than I would be on the road. And, I finally get the time to review my year and plan for the new year coming. 2020

Planting seeds is something I have done since my early days at the Salon.

  • You get those creative juices flowing.
    You think of the idea
    You write it down to make it a plan
    You plant the seeds to grow it from scratch

It’s a lot of work and I must add, you need to be self motivated. It’s not like your shouting to the world “this is what I’m doing” No…you are secretly planning your Business attack for the New Year. 2020


I always felt in the “Salon” Business, planting those seeds in the winter time, made for a fruitful summer. It was an amazing process to know you are more fruitful because of what you did 6 months prior.

If you can be your most creative during the Holiday, you will reap the most benefits.

Your art-2

As a Salon owner, through our Winter months, which in FLorida is always busy…..I entertained my clients. I kept them happy through promotions, events, decorations, packages and more!

Many children would bring their visiting elderly parents in and we would pamper them. When the parents left, the children came back because we treated their family so well.

Many of our snowbirds were regular’s. They looked forward to coming back and there were several cases to where they ended up moving here permanently. Permanent for them, also mean’t permanent for us.

Our seeds was in how we treated them. Some constant form of genuine excitement that kept them wanting to come back.

I also kept in mind when we talk about Seasons, we are really talking about type of client. Think about this. How many of your clients always make sure they are booked through the Holiday, but the rest of the year is much more flexible. In addition, you see the people who come In off of Gift Cards, that normally would not come in. And, there are always the Holiday party goers. Those who come literally 1x per year….maybe 2x if they happen to have another occasion.

So, when dealing with this type of client, what seeds can you plant?

  • You can add $5.00 to their account for each referral
    How about a discount off another service
    How about a birthday incentive (you do get their birthdays don’t you?)
    How about a complimentary AA treatment
    What does your retail shelf say?

There are so many options. We just can’t forget that our seasonal clients CAN become our permanent clients.

One of the things I learned to do which I highly recommend. Order labels with your name and contact info to place on each item you sell retail. When they want or need more, do you want them to go to Amazon, or do you want them to come back to you? Make it easy for them to find you. Anymore, you can order labels very inexpensive through your local printer or you can purchase the blank labels at your local supply store, and print them yourself.

And, speaking of retail. NOW is the time for you to jump out of the box. Clients aren’t looking for the regular items you sell. They are looking for different. Now is the time for you to try some new things.

I realized early on, the Holiday Season can beat you down.  However, if you embrace it and look at is as an opportunity, you will for sure enjoy it a whole lot more.

Don’t forget though, keep your customer service happy face on, be kind…be gentle.  Be empathetic towards your stressed out clients and be the ONE….who brightens their day.

And, keep In mind you are doing this to plant the seeds for future Business.

Happy Planting

CJ Murray, President

CJ Murray
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