When I teach my classes through the Country, I am in front of hundreds of Technicians eager and willing to learn.  Unfortunately however, it saddens me to know at least 50{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} (if not more) of those I teach, will never make money off of what they just learned.  Why?

There are a couple of tell tale signs, but the biggest reason, I believe, is because many Technicians don’t realize that learning a new procedure, offering a new service is parallel to “bringing a horse to water, but not able to force it to drink”.  We can teach it, you can learn it, but once you return to your Salon….what do you do to use it?

Marketing is what makes Home Depot more popular than Lowes or Coke more popular than Pepsi.  They are both good, they both do well, but one does better because there is more Marketing, higher recognition of the brand.

It’s impossible to expect a return from your class investment, if you are not Marketing what you just learned.  Here are a few ideas;

  1. Press release.  They are FREE.  Verbiage is important in order to be recognized and added into your local newspaper.
  2. Website.  Meta tags, google search, front page….it all makes a difference, and helps!
  3. Brochures, tent cards, announcements.  SCREAM it to the world that you have been educated in a certain area, that you have formed alliances with local Dr’s and the reasons why?  Reasons like “because you care about the health of your clients” (as an example).
  4. Be sure whoever you have formed an alliance with has your information in their office as well.  Invite the staff in for services.  Give them incentives to refer clients to your business.
  5. Social Media.  Make a business page.  Invite your clients to the page. Post before and after pictures ALWAYS.  This includes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  6. Email marketing.  There are many free email marketing Companies out there which will work very well for a small business.  Mail Chimp is one of them.  Check it out and educate your clients.
  7. Stay present.  Meaning, keep your face your name and what you do in front of the people you want to form an alliance with.  It takes a bit to get this going….hang tight and again, stay present.
  8. Finally, make sure you have the products you need to fully perform your service.  Educational classes are not meant to be sales classes.  However, the reality is, you need product to perform the service.  Many educational classes offer “in class” discounts.  Take advantage of them.  Saving $$$$ is always a good thing.

Pounding the pavement, an old sales adage is the final stage of what it takes.  Don’t expect it all to just come to you.  You have to work it, job it hard and stay on it all the time.

Marketing is about creativity.  Don’t be the norm, be the abnorm or be abnormal.  It’s a big elephant, you have to attack it in little chunks…..but, in doing so you can expect big results.


Feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions.  I’m happy to assist.



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