I’m at a loss for words!

After writing and rewriting my blog for today, I made the decision NOT to post it. Therefore, this is going to be really short and sweet.

I don’t know everyone who reads my blogs. I get many comments via text, email and on my blog post about my articles, so I do know they are being read.

However, I’m sure there are many who read my articles who do take offense, and as I’ve said many times before…I make no apologies. My goal is always to provide accurate, truthful, sometimes funny sometimes harsh information to my readers.

I know there are people who look up to me and for that I am extremely grateful for your trust and confidence. For this reason I had to delete my entire blog as I literally came out of my skin due to a recent post which for real, brought up my blood pressure.

This industry is important to me. Although I do want to provide great content and truthful emotions…I don’t want people to get “hurt” by anything I might have to say.

What I do have to say is this;

If you either consider yourself a leader or are working towards gaining loyalty and trust from your followers. Act like one. When no one is looking, do the right thing AND….for all of our sakes, when you do something which is so blantly against healthy practices in our Industry….DO NOT POST IT!

For those who have people they look up to, please…..make sure the person you are following is qualified in their field. Check their credentials and don’t be afraid to question what you hear/see. Always do your own homework for accuracy and remember what I said in my last article. Surround yourself with those who will help you grow and learn.

CJ Murray, President

15 thoughts on “I’m at a loss for words!”

  1. So agree with you!!!! I’m so tired of having to educate around, for a lack of better words, BS that some are “teaching” on social media. random people who don’t take continued education in a real forum sharing content that is showcasing harmful unhealthy bad habits.

    1. How about those whom aren’t even in the industry “teaching” our techs. It is so totally appalling and not good for our industry. We just have to keep going. Sadly, with social media many think what they see is cast in stone. Ugh! it’s so aggravating. Thank you Kayleigh for being involved in this conversation.

  2. I agree 100%!

    I see so many nail techs posting video and written content showing practices that are out of scope, illegal and unsafe. Just because the finished result may look good doesn’t mean it was safe or health.

    As a veteran nail tech and nail technology instructor, I am appalled at some of the things I see and the blatant disregard for safety, sanitation and laws it boggles my mind. We must do better.

    1. I am so happy to hear from an instructor standpoint how you feel. This particular situation really hit home for me because I do (or did) admire the person who posted what got me so angry. I really have a difficult time understanding how people can think they are an authority on something and then just do something so darn stupid. Ugh! I choose to stay silent about it, as getting involved in the drama just isn’t my MO. Thank you Sherri

  3. Say it! I’ve seen a trend going on that is shaken me to my core : acrylic toenails on clients who clearly have pus, onymychosis, or under lying conditions that make it unsafe. Unscrupulous techs are clamoring over this trend by asking “when are you doing classes?” or “you make a lot of money for toes!” When I do post my opposition I’m called a hater or told to shut it because this is what client wants. 🙃 oh well . Some people have to learn the hard way.

    1. Nisha…you hit it right on the head…and there is so much more. Social media has its positives, yet for me….I really do not like what it has done to our Industry. The particular incident which really set me off goes even beyond what is discussed here. All I can say is my tongue is bleeding 🙂 I really do think it’s best, not to feed into the drama. Thank you, for your involvement in this conversation. Appreciate you!

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