Does your social media bring you a ROI?

Just about a year ago, I hired a team to manage my Social Media.

It’s been a learning process and I am happy to say, I am pleased with what I see. I know there is tweaking still to do and mostly still a lot of learning on my part in regard to pictures and videos of myself….which, I’m not very good at.

On the way to work this morning there was discussion on the news regarding TikTok. Personally I have stayed away from TikTok for a various amount of reasons. However, the biggest reason is I just don’t trust it. So much bad publicity on the “hacking” accessibility and as much as I hear from fellow Beauty piers about it being great for their Business… is just not for me.

Which, leads me to the question which came up in the news today… your social media doing for you what you wish for it to do?

When I met with my IG team, there were certain specifics I wanted and/or needed;

  • Organic growth. I am not and have never been impressed from a # of followers. Why? Because larger numbers doesn’t necessarily mean a return on my investment. I want market specific followers. I promote to the Salon Professional. I do not promote to the end user. I’m not saying the end user can’t help my Business by maybe referring us to a Salon.  Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong. However, again…where am I going to receive my best ROI?
  • Image. I have gone through many images within my social media. I’ve gone from home pictures, to Professional head shots to emoji’s and more. It was time for me portray the growth of my Business. Be a little more mature if you will.
  • Communication. It is important to me for my IG team to “be me“. What I mean by this is I need the line of communication to be wide open. I approve every post. I check for accuracy and even for the way something is stated. Although someone else is putting together the copy, the words needed to come from me.
  • Stay current. I understand consistency is key. However, I want my IG team to share with me the latest benefits of IG and how to implement them. Guide me to videos or pictures. Constantly keeping our page relevant.

Last year was a learning curve for me with social media. I continue to learn however, this year I have really begun to focus on my ROI. I track every follower, every hashtag, every like, lead, click etc.

I’ve realized posting on social media is no different than a print ad or even a TV ad or Radio ad. You have got to hit your target market. You have got to speak in their terms. You have got to realize the monies spent, the time spent……MUST be worth it. Andyou have to realize like any Marketing…it is like playing Russian roulette. You pull the trigger over and over again, and one day, that silver bullet will come.

In addition, I also realize being relevant is great. However, being more in tune with our clients is most important. What do YOU need. What do YOU want. What will entice YOU to do Business with Centre for Beauty. I am always open to suggestions and thank all our clients who do share their wants, needs and/or thoughts.

We only know the answers to all the above IF we are doing our proper tracking. I remember the days I spent hours on my social media. Spending time to create artwork, time to search best hashtags, time to learn the process. I even spent money and took a 3 days class. Time is money. When I calculated how much time I spent vs how much I was getting in return, it made sense for me to hire out. I was not getting a ROI.

I sat down with the owner of my social media team this week. We discussed our page, topics, future must do’s and what my goals are for this coming year. Since I have been more proficient in tracking, I’m pleased to say there is no doubt the monies spent for my IG is getting a return on my investment. Are you?

Are you making post which are more “socially” oriented than they are Business? If so, and that’s what you want, that’s great. If you’re looking to build your Business and bring awareness to your Business then maybe do a little re-evaluating. Keep in mind though, you can mix the 2 together.

Maybe you don’t have an IG team. Not a big deal except, calculate how much time you spend and do the math. Are you reaping the benefits, the return on the investment of your time?

The reality is, social media has taken the place of print ads…do you even know what those are? LOL If used correctly, you can benefit from it greatly. If not, you will get to the point where you realize you are just having fun making no money at all.

Know your audience. Keep records of where new Business is coming from. Be relevant in your field. Use your time wisely and determine what your ROI actually is. All this along with consistency and persistence will for sure, reap you the benefits.

Be the first to know…coming March 17th, 2023….check this out!

CJ Murray, President

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