Checking it twice! Naughty or Nice!


Santa Claus may have coined the phrase “checking it twice” and he was wise on seeing if we were “naughty or nice”.

What does this have to do with the Beauty Industry? Keep reading…..

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Back in the day’s of my Salon Ownership, my Technicians were Independent Contractors earning commission on the services they performed.

Those calculations were pretty cut and dry. Even back then, I had a computer program “Leprechaun” which we processed each one of our clients through, as well as the retail they sold.

At the end of each week, I took their totals, manually calculated their percentage and issued a check.

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There were no gray areas. They knew exactly what amount they got paid and they got it.

I would be absolutely mortified if an error was made. That error would have been on my calculations, not what was figured from the computer program.

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When my daughter went to work for the first time in this Industry, I don’t actually recall what her arrangement was. I do recall it being a bit complicated.

Hourly pay, commission after X amount, certain commission on retail, more commission after x dollar of volume. It was very complicated.

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I encouraged her to make sure she kept her own records. Computer system or not. Mark down everything you do, know what the scale is, calculate accordingly and question if it is not correct.

It goes without saying, she didn’t listen initially. It wasn’t until she felt a bit more comfortable in her own skin, where she began to question.

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I am currently in the same type of conversation with my niece. New to the industry and getting used and abused every where she goes. It just drives me absolutely crazy!

Whether you are a Technician who works for someone else or you are the Owner paying your Technicians. PLEASE WAKE UP AND DO THE RIGHT THING![/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”12px”][vc_column_text]

Playing with other peoples livelihood is just wrong.

When you hire someone, be specific in your details. If you tell someone they are Independent;

  • DON’T then tell them in order to keep their job, they have to stay all day.
  • DON’T tell them how to dress
  • DON’T tell them how many hours they have to work
  • DON’T provide their tools

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Speaking to Salon Owners; When it comes what their negotiated pay is….TELL THEM EVERYTHING!

  • DON’T tell them they will receive 50% of all service dollars based on your price list and THEN “after the fact” let them know they don’t get paid the same on specials or promotions.
  • Be clear with them any promotions you currently have going on. Ei: Groupon
  • If you don’t know how to calculate the math…..hire someone.
  • Be timely with your pay schedule


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Speaking to Technicians; Don’t trust

I’m sorry to have to say not to trust however, the reality is, many mistakes are made. Whether they be intentional or by error, they are none the less mistakes.

  • Keep a journal of everything and everyone you do
  • Know exactly what your pay schedule is, and double check it against your weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. If you don’t understand it….keep asking.
  • If a Salon doesn’t pay you on schedule, APPROACH THEM IMMEDIATELY!

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I supported AND encouraged my Neice to obtain her nail license before she dwelled into more costly aspects of this Industry.

It has been so incredibly frustrating to me the Salons she has tried to work with who have SCREWED HER OVER!

  • She was hired as an Independent Contractor yet told she had to stay 8 hours a day, every day she committed to work so she could be available for walk ins.
    • Now, I told her she had to pay her dues and she should hang out a bit because there could be missed opportunities for walk-ins. However, as an IC the Salon she was working at should not have given her those demands.
  • The same Salon stopped booking her because she became ill with Covid. And, they downright lied to her. Once she was cleared they kept telling her they had no clients for her, not to come in. Only to find out, they actually took her off the schedule. CHICKEN SHIT!
  • The same Salon held her last paycheck until she signed a non-compete agreement. WRONG in so many ways.
  • AND…the same Salon never had her fill out IRS required paperwork until she was leaving.

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Another Salon she attempted, constantly messed up her paychecks and would have one excuse after another why their calculations were correct and her’s were wrong. Turned out there were so many “well IF” scenarios, there was no way she would know what she would get paid.

My point is, if you are new to this industry do NOT let Salon Owners take advantage of you. And, if you are a Salon Owner…simply do the right thing.

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The only thing I can surmise from the experiences she has had is the people running these Businesses, are NOT running a Business. They are not qualified to be a Business Owner and they are just “winging” it.

Well, let me tell you this. Keep “winging” it and someone, somewhere will report you and the rest is history.

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Yes, this was definitely a rant and I make no apologies.

As I said above, I encouraged my Neice to get into this Industry. I know first hand how much fun it can be and how successful you can be “IF” you want to. When I talk with her and hear what she is going through, it angers me. It angers me because these Salon Owners are taking advantage of a “newbie” and it angers me because it gives our Industry a bad name.

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There are all sorts of Education on how to manage your Business whether it’s financial or something else. FREE education included.

If this article gave you a twinge because the shoe fits. Please…reach out to me. I will guide you in the direction of help, or I will mentor you myself.


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6 thoughts on “Checking it twice! Naughty or Nice!”

  1. You and I have spoken about a lack of education being provided at schools and this is one topic that SHOULD be taught before anyone graduates from school. The sad thing about salon owners not doing the right thing is that it is based on “that’s how it’s always been done”. Unfortunately when/if the salon owner gets audited any unpaid taxes are a responsibility of the technician taken advantage of and the owner as well.
    Non-competes are only valid when signed before the first day of work, not after any money is generated because it then becomes a forced/hostile work issue as in; sign this or you will lose your job. Most employers over estimate the power of a non-compete, especially if you live in a right to work state.
    Salon owners choose to not follow the law because they feel ignorance is bliss, but ignorance of IRS law is no excuse and especially now that due to Covid most people signed up for unemployment they potentially red flagged themselves to the IRS.
    Schools should be teaching newbies how to financially protect themselves and what red flags to look for before making a decision to work in a salon.

    1. Yes we have and again Bingo, Bingo Bingo. I think for me, one of the big issues I have is it really isn’t all that difficult. Yes, if it’s new, it may be confusing. However, once learned and practiced, it becomes easier.
      I always appreciate your input and GREAT points. Thank you Michele

  2. Hello CJ,
    *Raises hand, I for sure got taken advantage off completely starting out in the industry. I was told to stay from opening to the owner allowed us to leave, busy or not. I was suppose to handle appointments, phone calls, checking out clients, cleaning the salon, cleaning my area, washing towels, ect. Some obligations I felt it was the owners responsibility but because I was family I was obligated to help out more than the employees.

    Let’s just say I was overworked, worked for very little income that was just double working part time at dominoes. 12 hours days, 6 days a week was normal where I was fully booked or not.

    When I was becoming fully booked, all of a sudden my clients disappeared. Everyone else was working except for me. That is when I decided to booth rent or work at another salon. Trying to work at another salon was not a viable option, it was very hard for me being Mexican to be hired because at that time I was still attending online college and no one wanted to hire a part time technician. I’m just glad covid allowed me the opportunity to break away from the family shop and do my own thing. It was hard, I quickly had to learn everything, but now I advocate and tell newbies what to watch out for and detect red flags.

    I’m really sorry your niece is going through rough experiences with these salon owners, it’s really hard to find good bosses and mentors. I am so lucky I met a few and they all keep guiding and helping me.
    I felt so hopless with minimum wage jobs and the salon life, I was like is this it? God had my back for sure, I just needed a big push to be where I am today. I’m happy and thriving. I can’t wait for the future I slowly bringing to plan.

    1. Esmeralda, I can’t even begin to imagine anyone hiring or not hiring because of skin color or race. To hear this just breaks my heart. You certainly have had your struggles yet with all those troubles came a huge learning experience for you. Learning which helped you make a decision, be strong and move forward….now….look at you. I imagine, if not already, you will be a mentor for someone soon. they will be lucky to have you.

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