Changing your pedicure services

I’ve had a lot of conversations regarding what to do with pedicure services when either changing products completely, adding a new product or just simply wanting to add upgrades or even just mix things up a bit.

My outlook and/or attitude has changed quite a bit since the days I owned my Salon. For 1), there are many more choices of products, for 2) there is a whole lot more competition and 3) our services have and will continue to become essential.

I am organizing my class “Missing Pieces“. In this class one of the main topics is what services do I offer, how do I charge accordingly and how do I introduce it. These are loaded topics…there is no one and done answer

However, the one thing I am for sure about is changing the mindset that we have to offer more than one type of pedicure. It isn’t necessary…in my opinion.

We talk all the time about that client consultation. IF and this is a huge IF…you want to customize the service to your clients need, you offer one basic price and tailor your pedicure service to the needs of the current client.  Not ALL current clients “the”. That one and only client sitting in your chair….now.

Anymore, no two feet are the same. What I mean by this is everyone has their own individual need and should be treated accordingly. I mean, think about this. Imagine if we all had the same length, cut and color of hair. Imagine going in for a visit with your stylist. She has the color waiting for you without consultation to know or hear what you want…..better yet, what you need.

Our needs when it comes to the skin on our feet, our toenails, our color choices…are all different. For that reason, we must customize specifically for our client. We must give our clients what they don’t know they need.

In this day and age of technology which is getting more intense every day, there is no reason we can’t adjust to a more specified service. You could;

  1. Begin a consultation over the phone
  2. Ask your client to send you pictures
  3. Schedule appropriate time
  4. Be prepared ahead of time

All these and more are reasons to change it up. Do something different than everyone else. Be the Technician who gives the client what they need….specifically.

By adjusting that one thing, think of the ways it can help you.

  1. You schedule as little or as much time as you need
  2. You can charge accordingly, adding for every bit of extra needed to service that client properly
  3. You can upgrade for pampering services…adding more $$$ to your bottom line
  4. You can minimize the products you use

As we head into the New Year ask yourself this. Are you in the same place you were last year? The year before? If your answer is yes, then I encourage you to think of the word insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

If you truly want to make a change to your Business….the first thing you have to do is change.

Stay tuned for information on our Missing Pieces class along with many new classes which will be announced by the end of the year. We have some tricks up our sleeve to help you in affording the education you know you need. 

4 thoughts on “Changing your pedicure services”

  1. Yes ma’am! I do all the above as a CPM (Certified Master Pedicurist). The condition of a client’s feet determines price, products, bits, and duration of service. It’s my niche market and I charge for it because of my education & skill set.

    Thanks for the confirmation of my business practices!

  2. I really am looking forward to this course. Please, please could you please make them for online people like me that is at the other side of the world. I wish I could come take one of your in-person classes but unfortunately you are too far. Please give people like me the opportunity to be able to take this classes online on a time that also works for our working schedule. Thanks ❤️

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