Teens need to be Educated About Their Feet

TEENS are more likely to be aware of the care needed regularly for their teeth, skin, eyes and bodies, but few understand the importance of caring for their feet. Since TEENS are visiting our Salons beginning as young as the age of 12…..We, as Foot Care Specialist need to educate them.

Our feet are out of sight, out of mind. However, foot health is an important part of overall health and wellness. When our feet hurt…..everything hurts. Unfortunately, TEENS tend to be more interested in attractive feet versus healthy feet. We, as Foot Care Specialist need to educate them.

Most of us begin with foot issues later in life. However, we also know it’s because of the poor way we cared for our feet when we were younger. If I knew then…what I knew now. STOP the pattern with the TEENS coming into your Salon today. Educate them on proper foot care, proper foot wear and proper maintenance to care for the skin on their feet.


The average person takes approximately 10,000 steps per day, equivalent to more than 3 millions steps per year. We apply 4-6 times our body weight on ankle joints when climbing or walking steep inclines. We have 26 bones and 33 joints. Our feet serve as the foundation for the rest of our body. Caring for the feet at a younger age, reduces the risk of complications like knee, hip and lower back problems later in life.

SPORTS-According to the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, 1/3 of teenagers experience foot pain. Sports are the major cause. 3/4 of High School students play a school or recreational sport. 4 in 10 have at some time, injured their feet.
SHOES-Also from the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, 2 in 10 suffer from foot pain due to uncomfortable fitting shoes. Girls more than boys. High heels are the most painful shoe choice.
Although 6 in 10 TEENS do have foot problems, most either self-medicate or typically just live with the problem.
Fewer than 2 in 10 teens have even visited a podiatrist. Those who do….have a tendency to care more for their feet.

We need to educate our teens on proper foot care.
Help them understand, keeping feet healthy can help avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable issues like athletes foot, foot odor AND toenail fungus.
Share with them the importance of washing their feet, between the toes as well. And, to dry them completely.
Share with them the importance of keeping the feet dry from sweaty shoes and socks. Inform them fungus, including the kind that causes classic athlete’s foot loves to grow in moist, damp environments. Teach them to change socks frequently, if they have a tendency to sweat alot during the day.
Teach them how to care for their shoes. After all, without proper disinfecting, the transfer of bacteria from one shoe to the next is probable.
Teach them proper toenail cutting which, if done incorrectly can cause ingrown nails and harbor bacteria.
Discuss with them, the importance of wearing supportive, properly fitted shoes. Let them know, improperly fitted shoes can cause major foot pain and injury which, can come back to haunt them later in life.
Share with them….it IS more than just about the pretty toes.

Centre for Beauty carries a variety of products to help keeping our TEENS feet healthy. Centre for Beauty offers educational webinars, educational u-tube links and more, to help with the recommendations YOU, as Foot Care Specialist can offer to your TEEN clientele. Some suggestions are;

FOOTLOGIX Shoe Deodorant Spray
FOOTLOGIX Foot Deodorant Spray
FOOTLOGIX Sweaty Feet Formula Mousse
FOOTLOGIX Rough Skin Formula Mousse
SHOWAFLOPS-to keep them from walking barefoot

Visit www.cjscentreforbeauty.com
Let us help you stay educated and current on the importance of teaching your TEENS about proper foot care.

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