Maintenance is key!

Last week I discussed what solution should be used for an ultrasonic cleaner. I was NOT surprised at the count of technicians who reached out to me, “because they didn’t know“.

What is frustrating to me about this is the fact that many of these technicians bought their ultrasonic cleaners “on line”, Amazon mostly. And duh!!!! do you get free education on the products purchased from these on line channels?

Of course they don’t. So our Technicians go on utube and attempt to self learn. However, they are learning from people just trying to make a buck. They are not educated.

I think we all need and love a new beginning. We use the end of the year, the beginning of a New Year, our Birthdays or Spring with spring cleaning as a starting point for instance.

We make plans to lose weight, clean out our closets, detail clean our Businesses and/or our homes and we feel great about it when we do.

However, we forget that once a year maintenance does not always fare well in many circumstances. If we just maintained on a regular basis, we could get much more longevity.

Our tools for instance. In our service area we use many tools. We use toenail clippers, ingrown toenail nippers, cuticle nippers…just to name a few. Yet, how often do you send them in for maintenance and/or how often do you do the proper maintenance to get the maximum life out of them.

Our tools for example, we offer lifetime guarantee and lifetime free sharpening. We recommend you oil your tools on a regular basis once they are properly sanitized. We also recommend you send them to us for sharpening every 3 months. Yet, out of the hundreds of tools we sell on a yearly basis, we maybe have managed six clients whom sent their tools in for sharpening.

Our recommendation:

Cleaning, Maintenance & Sterilization Guidelines


  1. All devices should be cleaned in the open position
  2. Use only a soft bristle brush or ultrasonic cleaner with the proper enzymatic solution
  3. All devices should be rinsed and dried thoroughly


  1. All devices should be disinfected in the open position
  2. Follow Mfg’s disinfection product contact time 
  3. All devices should be rinsed and dried thoroughly

Autoclave maintenance is highly important. The Manufacturer recommends monthly maintenance which, is clearly stated in their manual. Centre For Beauty carries all the yearly maintenance products like door seals, test strips etc.

Yet, with as many autoclaves as we sell. The maintenance products don’t move. It’s crazy to me. To make THAT type of investment yet not take care of it. To me, it would be like buying a car and never doing an oil change.


  1. Sterilization should be performed in a medical grade instrument tray or sterilization pouch
  2. Devices should not overlap when stored individually or in sterilization pouches


  1. If sterilization is performed in a pouch, keep devices stored in sterilized pouch until use.
  2. If pouches are not used, devices should be stored in a clean, dry sealed-tight container


  1. Apply lubricant regularly to connecting elements only and locking mechanisms
  2. It is imperative devices are dried thoroughly when cleaned – disinfected and sterilized (in the open position)…to maintain it’s integrity.
  3. All repairs (if needed) should be done specifically by an authorized service center of Centre For Beauty.  It is recommended devices are sent in every 3 months for maintenance.

So as you get into your year end deep thinking. When you look back at 2023 and you eagerly await 2024….what is your goal? Whatever it is, I would also add:

  1. Purchase products from within your industry. The more you do this, the more likely our prices will go down.
  2. Commit to regular maintenance routines on your tools and your equipment. It will save you $$$ in the long term and you will have less problems.
  3. Mostly – live life to its fullest. Try not to sweat the small stuff. And…..always ask yourself, is it important enough to be miserable over?


CJ Murray, President

4 thoughts on “Maintenance is key!”

  1. i didn’t realize tools should be sharpened every 3 months although i have wondered about it because i felt my nippers and cutters were getting dull. can you c send me the info to send my tools for sharpening? thanks CJ, i appreciate you

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