Is doing Business with you easy?

I shouldn’t write while I’m in a fit of rage. However, thoughts running through my mind far surpass what I know is right.

Back in May I ordered a shelving unit from a Company called Origami.  The reviews appeared great which I know now are probably ALL fake. The unit came in damaged.

I called for return authorization, as I did not feel comfortable in ordering another one (or more) which I was planning to do and use as my show displays. In short, the Company had the opportunity to receive about a $1500.00 sale.

When I called to return the unit, apparently they don’t pay for return shipping (even on damaged goods) unless I had purchased something called “route” insurance which…..was not clear on their website as to what it actually was, nor what is does. The shipping cost to return the unit was $76.29.

Fast forward to now.  I finally made it to that pile on my desk to check for the return credit. NOTHING!

I just reached out to the Company and received an email almost immediately, they issued me a credit (today) of $127.99. I paid $215.28

To begin with, would they never have issued me the refund had I not followed up? AND….don’t hide necessary info on your website in places where most people don’t read. If there is a specific return policy, that should be loud and clear. Ugh!

This brings me to the questions of how easy is it to do Business with you?

One of the things I value most about my own Business is the reality there is nothing that can’t be fixed. In addition, I am always putting myself in my clients shoes trying to look at everything from your perspective, as well as mine.

I am fair in our Business practices, and if anything I probably extend more graciousness then I need to. However, customer service and client satisfaction has been, is and always will be my #1 priority.

Most people, not all will go direct to a Business website for information. This could be telephone information, email information, hours of operation, maybe even to schedule an appointment. I know for myself, I do love the ease of being able to just pick up the phone and call who or what I need, however, that is not as simple as it use to be.

  • You get an automated service in lieu of a live person
  • The message goes on forever. Press 1 for this Press 2 for this and so on and so on
  • No one makes decisions anymore…they always have to “check with management”
  • They don’t speak my language which makes it very difficult to understand

I know you have all been there which is why…many of us resort to online anything.

So when it comes to online…how easy is it to do Business with you? As many of you know, my husband is our shipping Manager. He is a former UPS employee and he is extremely meticulous in his shipping habits.

What you may not know, is most shipping Companies “ding” you for anything.

  • Address correction $17.00 charge
  • Residential delivery $5.00 charge
  • Incorrect zip code $17.00 charge
  • Missing suite # $17.00 charge

We do charge a carrier fee of $4.00 for residential, yet we do not pass on any of our other fees.

Because of this, and the how meticulous my husband is, he is often on Salon websites. It’s amazing to both of us, the inaccuracies we find.

  • Phone # is very difficult to locate
  • Address is not only difficult to locate, many times it conflicts with what was put on the order form.
    • Transposed address number
    • Zip code inaccurate
    • Street or Drive or Way is left off

These are just to name a few. What I don’t think people realize is, our website is our Business card. If you want someone to find you, the information really should be accurate.

In addition I have personally found;

  • There are so many options of services to choose from, I end up calling because it’s too freaking confusing.
  • If and when I do visit the Salon, the prices are conflicting with what is charged. An indication the website is not updated.
  • Maneuvering around the site is challenging, just to find what I need.
  • Hours of operation are not accurate

I remember when I began using the term “I want it now, what’s in it for me’.

When this term became part of our being, I never really thought it would last. It did. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you want, where you are….we all want it now!

If you are missing the target of making it easy for clients to do Business with you, or maybe you don’t even know…’s time for some refreshing.

As we head into fall then into the final quarter of the year (my favorite time), look into your own Business practices. Go to other Salon websites and maneuver around them. See what you like and experience what you don’t like. Learn from them and make changes to your Business as needed.

I’m happy to evaluate your website and give you my good, honest thoughts. As, I welcome you to do with mine.

Keep in mind however, operator error can not be fixed. I experienced a client last week trying to place an order. She texted me to let me know our sight was not accepting her credit card. As we have had some issues with our site the last couple of weeks, I automatically shared this new issue with my IT team. In their investigation, it came up she was putting the wrong CVC code in…consequently, the credit card kept getting declined.

With that being said, my response to her was use the “pay cash at door” feature so she could put her order through. We could connect later for her cc info. Easy!

What would my suggestions be for a clear and concise website?

  • Check for accuracy on your phone #, address and hours
  • Place your phone # in a spot which is easy to find.
  • Don’t just have an “email us” link…..let your clients call you if needed.
  • Keep out the mumbo jumbo. Too often, there is sooooo much information, it’s hard to decipher what is what?
  • If you can’t commit to set pricing, use “start at”
  • Make sure all your links are working
  • Make returns or dis-satisfaction policies easy. Don’t hide them in fine print.
  • Just keep it simple

In short…..make it easy for your clients to do Business with you. Stay hands on. Technology is great yet it will NEVER replace human contact.

CJ Murray, President

6 thoughts on “Is doing Business with you easy?”

  1. Been loving your articles lately and this one really resonates! We should always keep up to date with the front facing aspect of our business and try to give it a fresh look over or get a trusted friend to check it out, as you suggested.

    I’ve definitely had similar experiences when it comes to returning products, and it is endlessly frustrating when things don’t run smoothly or you keep having to hound them. Thanks for the great reminder to stay up on these things in regards to the customer experience!

    1. Thank you Hope, for reading my blog and for commenting. I had a friend tell me one time “the things he says to help me, are also just a reminder for him”. I believe these challenges are put at us, to remind us we have to always be on target. There are many things we can let slide…..NOT customer service. 🙂

    2. I will vouch-you are always right on top of issue, messages and questions. You are my favorite company to order from. Thanks for always sharing your expertise and for your heartfelt desire to make this industry amazing!

      1. Thank you Lin, I really appreciate your comments and your Business. It warms my heart knowing people ARE paying attention. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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