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When I wrote my article a couple of weeks ago about an Auto Clave and Sterilization, I truly expected a ton of push back.

Although I didn’t get the challenge I expected, I heard from 2 of the most leading authorities in the Foot Care/Nail Care market. Doug Schoon and Dr Spaulding.

I must admit….when I see either of their names come into my email after I wrote an article, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t get nervous. Are you kidding me? I’m a freaking mess.

But, when I do open it, perspiring ferociously…..they are both so generous in their offering of information it truly makes my heart warm. To know, these two matriarchs of our industry take the time to comment, correct, add to or emphasize something in my article, only makes it better for you.

Let me share with you, what I received from both;

I personally reached out to Doug Schoon and asked him to review my article, before I went to print. But of course, I waited until the last minute so I went to print before I heard back from him. Here is his response;

  • An autoclave is also a sterilizer. I did not mention this in my article
  • UV sterilizers only work when UVC bulbs are used, so only some kinds of UV wavelengths are useful. But they don’t work well because the UV can’t get into small spaces, e.g. pivot points. Also, the implements must be turned to expose all sides. Although I didn’t mention UV in this detail, the article does state they can not be any hidden location for bacteria to grow
  • I don’t think any of these “clean”, so the implements must be precleaned. Noted
  • The side of the spectrum you should listen to are the state board requirement and the Center for Disease Control. My next project
  • Most states require disinfection, so sterilization can only be done on precleaned and disinfected implements, which is overkill. Interesting
  • The last I checked, CDC says autoclaves are the preferred method. Autoclaves are clearly the more effective of the two. AGREED

In addition, un a follow up email, he said “The nail industry is under siege largely because of salons that use incorrect methods.”
So True!                                                                                         

I failed to reach out to Dr. Spaulding because I just flat ran out of time. Having both of them read through it for me, was my first plan. But I did received an email from Dr. Spauldng following the article after he read. This is what he has to say

  • a UV is not a “sterilizer” as it does not kill spores not matter what their information states and use of the word “sterilizer” associated with Dry heat Sterilizer should say Dry heat sterilizer as an autoclave is a “sterilizer as well.

He kindly wrote back There are new “UV” systems that are hospital based that pump UV ozone into a pressurized vessel that is over $100,000 for the operating unit….

Nothing like that is available for any salon nor would it be feasible to have one.

Both of these have provided me with an even bigger insight and understanding to Auto Claves and Sterilizers.

But what excites me even more is the interaction with my clients and my piers I get after writing an article. Especially one that many people are passionate about.

I welcome your thoughts which I will share as I do my job to make an already great community even better.

Happy Disinfecting

Look for even more exciting news coming on our 1-2-3 step disinfection when you can’t afford to buy an auto clave

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