Fall has arrived!

When Fall has arrived for us in the Beauty Industry, it means it’s time to begin getting ready for the Holiday Season.

I can remember when I had my Salon, I would use the 1st day of Fall as the day to make my list of all that needed to be done for a successful 4th quarter. List which, included anything from decor to promo’s to training to cleaning.

So, as we enter into the first few days of Fall….here are a few suggestions to help YOU, have a successful 4th quarter.

Promo’s – Now is the time to make a decision about your Promotions. Don’t just think Christmas. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Chanukah as well which, many people celebrate.
Themes – Use these Holidays to be festive. Clients love to see decorations pertaining to Holidays’ or time of year. It’s a great time to build excitement and a positive atmosphere.
Training – Now more then ever your staff needs to know what they are promoting. WWW.cjscentreforbeauty.com has options available on our website to help with training of the products we promote. Need extra training? Contact CJ @ cj@centreforbeauty.com for more info.
Disinfecting – To me, there is no time like this time to review your Disinfecting procedures and to clean house. There is nothing better then a clean house when having Company, and that’s what our client’s are. Check out Micrylium on our website and review your procedures to make sure you are offering your clients the best, the kindest, the safest and the greenest disinfecting solutions possible.
Website – Have you been placed on the website of the Mfg’s you use? Not all Mfg’s offer this option, but if they do…you should be on there. Clients travel from all over the world yet still want to use their favorite products. Make yourself easily accessible. Centre for Beauty offers registration for Footlogix. If you aren’t already noted, contact CJ or visit our website for the registration form.
Gift cards/Gift certificates – NOW is absolutely the time to have this procedure in house. And, NOW is the time to offer an incentive for purchase. Clients like to start their Holiday shopping early. This makes it easy for them.
Staff meeting – It has always been amazing to me how, once October rolled around, the rest of the year just flew by. Meet with your staff now. Discuss training, dress code, customer service, promo’s, days of operation etc. with your staff so there are no mis-understanding’s during this busiest time of year. Open your ears and your heart to their suggestions, delegate decorating responsibilities. Give each staff member an area to “FALL” clean. Be ready to fully enjoy this beautiful season.

CJ is giving back to the communities around the Country and YOU can help.Look for info coming soon!

4th Quarter promo’s expecting to arrive in our warehouse the week of October 5th. Stay tuned for details.



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