Defining a Six-Figure Nail Technician

Throughout my 37 years in this Industry, I have been truly blessed to meet some amazing people. I have also been privileged to afford to take specific classes related to my niche of foot care.

Janet McCormick is one of the amazing souls I have had the pleasure to meet, I’ve seen her  in action and worked along side her on different projects in an effort to help our Technicians not only grow, grow in a way which is within the limits of our license. I have also taken some of her classes, affording me the A.N.T (Advanced Nail Technician) designation, currently getting ready to take her Foot Care Nurse program.

Her academy offers 9 classes;

  • Advanced Nail Technician
  • Wellness Nail Technician
  • MNT internship program
  • Electric filing
  • Laser care
  • Safety Training for Nail Technicians
  • NT working with Physicians
  • Adding a NT to your Medical Facility
  • Coming soon Becoming a 6-figure NT

Janet is the founder of Nailcare-Academy. She is of the post war generation where things were a lot more simple, and much of what exists now was not in existence then. Yet, if you think her age holds her back, you are grossly wrong. Janet can run miles around many so much younger than she. She is extremely knowledgable about this Industry and her passion is apparent by the fact, at 82 years of age, she is still making a difference…with amazing passion. You can read more about Janet and her on-line courses at

Janet is a writer and an author. She recently wrote an article I thought would be beneficial to many.

Defining a six-figure Nail Technician

Is this your goal? Many NCA graduates have achieved this goal. And MORE.

A six-figure nail technician is a licensed nail professional that makes $100,000 per year or more – we have many that are doing this. Totally or equivalently. Totally means that at the end of the year, they see they have made at least $100,000 during that year. Equivalently means that if you worked full time for a year at your current weekly or monthly income, what you have made would be over $100,000. The first one is easily defined in January the next year (if not before). Equivalently is how you define how you are doing at the present moment in time – if you did do the figures at various times in a year, you will know how you are doing toward making $100,000 plus per year.

So, let’s define what a 6-fig NT must produce to make $100,000 in a year. First, divide the $100,000 by how many weeks the technician works. If it is 50 weeks a year, five days a week, a 6-fig NT would be bringing in $1997 average per week (rounded up to $2000), or $399.4 per day (rounded up to $400). So, how is your track toward being a 6-fig NT? I am going to go out on a limb here and say if you add up your days working for a month (20 days?) and average that amount ($400 per day), you ARE equivalently a six-figure nail technician right now. Though you may not show that $100,000 at the end of the year, if you are doing that for 3 months straight, you are on track and next year it will be there (or more) to see. Checking to see your equivalency for being a 6-fig NT can be very encouraging and stimulating.

Let’s break it down to hourly. At $400/day and you work 8 hours (FYI, most NTs work an average of 9 hours per day.), you must average $50 coming in per hour. And that is NOT difficult to do if you do what we say in the program and charge what you are worth. Did you know the average manicure (45 minutes) is now $35? And the average pedicure is $65 (1 hour). Put those two together and see what the average would be? Over a day, it probably would average $50 an hour with a full book. If so, you are already equal to a 6 figure nail technician! IF you are full booked. 

So the secret? Charge what you are worth so at less book (80%?) you will be over $100,000. Easily. And not killing yourself! Those of you that I have mentored know what I say about those average prices: with your education, you MUST raise your prices. You are worth more, no matter where you live. Really.

Just so you know. We have many graduates making 6 figures and many who also are making much higher than $100,000. Actually, NCA has four-day work week graduates that are making six figures and more. Some are already at $150,000 per year and going higher. And many of those started at 0 (zero) clientele. Yes, it was painful at first. But every one of these techs at six figures plus was at that figure at least by their third year after graduating from NCA. And once you hit it, they all say they walked right past it. 

So, do your math, and if you are too far from that goal, call me. We need to get you moving! Or call one of the technicians I am putting up on my “Consulting Available” page. They have experienced this track and can help you in getting there (at $100,000) from first-hand experience.

“Love what you do, but make money at it, too.”

Janet McCormick

Why I thought this article was conducive to mention is from a question I have not only seen on social media lately, also asked directly. What do I charge and how do I make the money I want to make.

Firstly….change the question from “money I WANT  to make” to….”money I “DESERVE” to make.

It’s all intimidating;

  • How do I figure my product cost
  • How do I figure my value
  • How do I know what to charge
  • How do I implement a price increase

I get it! I’ve been there and I’ve made some stupid mistakes which is one reason I write these articles. I know we have to learn from our own mistakes, yet learning from other’s stories have helped me along the way. The problem when I was in Business, owning a Salon, having 16 team members….I didn’t have ANY source of education for us Nail Tech’s. There were no Nail Magazines, Tailored Education, Social Media, U-Tube, Google etc.

To have what is available to us today….is just freaking crazy and brings up another problem. How do we decide what classes to take and whom do I learn from?

I try to do my best in my recommendations and allow those who question me, decide on their own. I will not make the decision for you, as what each person wants to learn, what their budget is and how they learn is all different. What I share below, Is what I currently know. I have either taken the classes myself or I share based on what I have learned from others. If any of the information below is incorrect, I mean no harm and please correct me if I’m wrong. As I’ve always said ALL education is important.

  1. NailCare-Academy I will admit, is the most appealing to me. It is an on line course of many different levels. What I appreciate mostly about this course is how current it ALWAYS is. It is USA based and as our Industry rules and regulations change, so do these courses. In addition, Janet McCormick, mentioned above is a mentor. She absolute loves (like me), talking with the Technicians, answering questions and guiding. The power points are clean and easy to watch.
  2. MediNails. Admittingly, it has been a few years since I’ve personally taken this program. What I felt at the time is there is a lot of valuable information, however, I also felt it was geared more towards podiatry pedicuring than our everyday Nail Technician. Which of course makes sense because Dr. Spaulding, the founder is a Podiatrist. Dr. Spaulding has and continues to provide valuable information to our Technicians. The powerpoint were very difficult for me to watch as the voice over did not match the screen. I have recently heard this has not changed. However, I have not seen any current PowerPoints myself, so this information is 2nd hand.
  3. NASP. I have taken 4-levels of this course myself and am very grateful for what I have learned. In my opinion, Level 3 is the absolute best. My concern with the program is it is Canadian based. There are teachings in the course which us here in the USA are not allowed to do within the limits of our license. however, it should be recognized by the Technician to know what he/she should or should not do. In addition, the certificate issued is via the Canadian Board of Education which is not recognized here in the USA.
  4. Meticulous Manicurist. I have not taken this course and quite truthfully know nothing about it. What I have heard is there is a lot of DIY education. I do have plans to reach out to obtain information for when I am asked. However, at this time, I don’t have a whole lot to offer.
  5. If learning from a smaller venue is better for you, there are Nail Technicians who have ventured into the world of education. Be careful who you learn from. If you have any questions about someone you might be considering, I’m happy to share with you, what I know about them (if anything), their Business practices, value for the monies etc.

I also encourage you to ask yourself these questions, prior to deciding what class or classes you might want to take;

  • Are you in it for the education or just the certificate. I mean no offense by this, yet I know of many who are taking class after class. However, are they applying what they learned? NO! this is not only a waste of time, it’s a waste of money. Use what you learn. Use it or lose it. Certificates look great on the wall. Will they bring you income? Hello NO…..unless you use what you learn.
  • What’s the urgency? Again, I speak to many who just want to take this class, or that class. STOP! Breath! Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Again…learn, practice, earn!
  • Is it within your budget?
  • What is your end goal?

I love learning. In fact, I’m getting ready to take a writing class. Why? For me, it’s about getting my point across. It’s about using words which will help, not hurt. It’s about staying Professional and possibly learning something new to help my Business. I’m 63 years old, working full time, loving what I do and will always be a sponge for education.

Sometimes it’s about stepping out of the box. Don’t feel like you have to be tied to this Industry when it comes to taking classes. In fact, most of the classes I’ve taken throughout my career have been non-industry related….yet, they have most definitely helped me in my growth.

Your journey in education is personal. Choose what is best for you in an effort to help you get to your goal. If you don’t have a goal….set one.  You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know where you want to go!

CJ Murray, President

2 thoughts on “Defining a Six-Figure Nail Technician”

  1. I did NASP CMP because it was hands on & received the certification once I did the online test. I have been doing that level if work since nail school & needed the credentials. The class was 5 days & had to provide our own models but well worth the time & money. Vicki Malo was the instructor and patiently answered all questions, showed you techniques step by step, and gave us her personal information to contact her for any help. We also received a set of implements. I understood it was Canadian and might not translate in USA but the education/experience was priceless. The education & its credentials make my clients feel safe & they respect my dedication to my work.

    What frustrated me with Nail Care Academy & MediNail was the 40 hour internship in a podiatrist office. Nail Care Academy offers a list of doctors offices now but didn’t 6 years ago- same with MediNail. I will do their programs but this time I will not be stressed out to find a podiatrist office to do the internship now that they provide list of offices that participate.

    1. Thank you for your input and I totally agree. All education is priceless. Both the Nail-Care academy and MediNails have grown over the years for sure. Congratulations on your success.

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