8 piece Urea pedicure set

Urea Try Me Set – Foot Bath 100ml, Exfoliating Foot Cream 100ml, Soak Spray 50ml, Urea 10% Foot Mask 100ml, Urea 10% Foot Cream 100ml, Urea 10% Express Foot Spray 50 ml, Cuticle Softener, 1 pair Gloves 


Recommended Foot File-AngelFeet Pro




Urea 15% Foot Bath – Enriched with physiological, natural moisturizing factor urea,Mediterranean salt and regenerating allantoin, Urea 15% Foot Bath works like a wellness cocktail for stressed feet. Essential oils from oranges, pine needles and mountain pine, leave the skin feeling silky and 

smooth. Available 100ml, 600g


callous spray for callous detriment

Soak Spray – The NEW callous softener Soak Spray with 17% urea and lactose is ideal to prepare the feet for cosmetic care. The Soak Spray protects the skin and can shorten theduration of thetreatment. Furthermore, the danger of the instruments slipping during the callus-stripping treatment is reduced.  Available 50ml, 500ml




Urea 10% Express Foot Spray –This product is ideal for the quick care in between visits, or to round off your foot care treatment. As a result of the moisturizing ingredients such as 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} urea, saccharine isomerase, provitamin B5 and allantoin. The skin becomessoft and palpably supple immediately. The carbohydrate mixture saccharide isome10% Express foot sprayrase is an imitation of the human carbohydrate fraction in the skin and increases the water-binding capacity – even of very dry skin. Jojoba oil is extremely skin-compatible and intensely futures even chapped skin. Available 100ml, 500ml


Exfoliating Foot Cream – Polishing bead exfoliating cream that complements the urea system for technicians and clients looking to add this to the treatment. Beads completely control the risk of sharp edges that often aren’t controllable when working with sugar or saltbased products. Safe for thin or sensitive skin guests. Available 100ml, 1000ml



Urea 40% Chapped Skin Cream –This formula contains 40% urea which reduces callouses with the help of fruit acids fast and effectively without leaving an oil film and is supported by calming pantheon and nourishing bees wax and anti-inflammatory sage. Aside from it’s main ingredient urea, this formula also contains a special carbohydrate complex and hyaluronic acid which is why it is optimally suited for daily use for stressed and chapped skin. Available 50ml


Urea 10% Foot Mask – Urea 10%Foot Mask compliments the urea series for intensive care. Rich ingredients such as 10% moisturizing urea, almond oil, vitamin A and E and shea butter ensure that the protective coat of the skin regenerates faster, the skin is vitalized, sustainably nurtured and optimally supplied with moisture. The calming components such as pantheon, allantoin and bisabolol provide the skin with a special relaxation when it is applied. With this foot mask, the feet will be spoiled to the utmost and made to radiate again. Available 100ml, 1000ml


Urea 10% Foot Cream – 

Urea foot cream 1000ml10% urea foot cream 100mlThis formula is based on a special complex that consists of 10%, saccharide isomerase and provitamin B5 and is the ultimate moisture care for very dry feet. The cream provides intense moisture and has an anti-inflammatory effect, supported by glycerin and allantoin for an optimal moisturizing and calming effect of the skin. Due to it’s excellent in depth-effect, jojoba oil additionally regulates the moisture content, making the skin smooth and supple. Easy to distribute and is absorbed quickly. Available 3ml sachet, 100ml, 1000ml


NEW UREA 25% FOOT BALM -Fast absorbing and non greasy foot balm provides soft skin even to extremely stressed, dry, cracked and rough skin. Additionally, the combined care complex of Allantoin, Glycerin, Panthenol and 7 Wild Herbs – Extract
provides feet intensively with moisture




Cuticle Softener – Apply to cuticle, let penetrate for a couple minutes.  Use proper cuticle tool to remove excess Cuticle softens LCNcuticle.  Available 8ml, 50ml



Mykosept– Anti fungal spray Mykospet sprayThis broad spectrum antibacterial spray is used for prevention of external influences for daily maintenance of unsightly nails as well as before and after all applications of LCN Barefoot for critical daily home care use.  It will inhibit and protect toenails and surrounding mykosept_green-bottlearea from infection during all pedicure service. The spray is designed to eliminate cross- contamination and maintains its efficacy.  Mykosept is proven to be safe and effective. This tincture spray is safe to use on diabetics.
Directions-Use 1- 2 times daily.
Contains approx..300 applications (5 months of daily care)
Active ingredient
Lactobacillus/rye flour ferment
Panthenol –Alcohol Analog of Pathogenic Acid (Vit B5)
Panthenol is a humectant and draws moisture to the dermal layer. It assists in penetration of other ingredients into the skin. It reduces irritations and decreases itchiness. Available 50ml in SPRAY or DROPS and 500ml Backbar refill


Edge File – This file is the perfect size and strength to smooth and remove the edge of the nail without worrying about the tender skin underneath. It’s smooth plastic slanted edge design eliminates any risk of injury to a diabetic or sensitive client. Safe for wet sanitation.


LCN Foot File – This Foot File is a recommended file for at home care use and is suggested not to be use in the foot filePedicure room.  


Mask Brush – Luxury at it’s best.  Your clients will love the luxury feel of your mask application with this quality Mask brushMask Brush.

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