Anti Age & Studio Skin Expert

There is hardly a catch phrase used today, more than Anti Age.  Everyday situations like stress, noise, work and family are aging our bodies and souls.  Clients seek deliverance from stress and the aging process that accompanies it.  Thus, the LCN anti Aging products offer your salon a new service to those seeking preventative and/or combative measures against the aging effects of stress.

ANTI AGE PROFESSIONAL SET item #89522P (includes the following)

Hand & nail bath concentrate 50ml, Peeling cream 50ml, Anti Age Hand cream 50ml, Anti Age Serum 50ml, Anti Age Mask 50ml

AA Hand bath AA Hand creme AA Hand creme AA kifting concentrate AA over night mask

Available individually in the following sizes;

Hand & Nail Bath Concentrate – 50ml, 300ml

Peeling Cream – 50ml, 1000ml

Lifting Concentrate – 50ml, 300ml

Overnight Mask – 50ml, 300ml

Hand Cream – 50ml, 300ml, 1000ml, sachets



Ultrasound penetrate active ingredients into the skin, relaxes muscles, promotes blood circulation, reduces pigment spots, tightens skin and improve regeneration capacity of the skin.

Galvanic penetrates by Electrical currents which is only used when working with certain products, such as serums.  Greatly improves penetration of ingredients into the skin, promotes blood flow, tightens skin, activates sin cell metabolism and optimized water binding capabilities.

Light therapy (Red), stimulates cells, supports blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, smooth’s the skin.  (Blue), for oily skin types has anti-bacterial affects, soothes skin, stimulates cells and refine pores.  (Green), relaxes skin and has anti-inflammatory affects.

ANTI AGE AT HOME CARE SET  item #89522 89522-tif-tmb

For optimum home care results.  Anti Age cream, Anti Age lifting concentrate, Anti Age overnight mask, 1 pair cotton gloves.


Includes 50ml – (3)Anti Age hand cream, (3)Anti Age lifting concentrate,  Anti Age retail Display (3)Anti Age overnight Mask with 1 tester each



Mask Application Brush – Made of cherry wood and synthetic fibers.  Exceptionally well suited for the application of Hand & Foot masks.  The fine fibers take up as much product as necessary and distribute it evenly.511162.tif.tmb

21018.tif.tmbHand & Nail Bath Application Brush – Professional high quality brush made of a mix of natural and synthetic hair for the hygienic application of our Anti Age hand bath.


NEW Wrinkle Remove Expert – Discover the new Wrinkle Remove Expert from LCN for smooth and tight skin. Tightens the skin on the back of your hands, neck, shoulder and the back of your upper arms. The ergonomically shaped massage head ensures a deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin by means of ultrasound and galvanic. The attachment designed specifically for hands, offers 3 levels of  different oscillation frequencies as well as light therapy.



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