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Golden Girl Mask - 1 each

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Provide an instant Deluxe-Rejuvenation treatment with the new LCN Instant Peel-Off alginate mask - Golden Girl. Especially suitable for hands and feet/legs. This mask provides your clients with an Anti-Aging experience with WOW effect. Application, exceptional fragrance as well as the treatment result are convincing after just one application.

This luxury treatment is as stunning as it is powerful. A super-deluxe Anti Aging experience with a WOW effect and exceptional fragrance!


Add one Activator Sachet into the Peel-off mask container and mix for about 30 seconds. Apply a thick layer of this soft paste with the LCN Mask Brush (Article No.: 90350) onto the back and inside of the hands right up to the lower arms. Leave for 15 minutes. Now peel the mask off like a second skin. The skin will feel silky soft and intensively nourished.

GOLD – the Anti Aging Ingredient

This active ingredient is supposed to have an antibacterial and collagen promoting effect. The skin has a fresher, younger and more radiant appearance.

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