North American School of Podology


Centre for Beauty endorses the North American School     of Podology


The North American School of Podology (NASP) was founded in 2000 in North America to help distinguish the professional who has advanced training and knowledge in pedicures from the standard salon technician.

NASP has built a reputation for excellence in teaching and meeting individual student’s needs. Their team of educators brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of foot care. They are dedicated to offering the most up to date information on foot problems encountered by the pedicurist along with various practical methods of management. The pedicure service is more than a “manicure” of the feet, but less than a chiropody treatment.
The Mission of the North American School of Podology is to improve the quality and safety of pedicures in North America one foot at a time.

Centre for Beauty host all classes offered by NASP.  Visit our education page for scheduled classes.

Level 1 – Master Pedicuring Program

Level 2 – Infection Control

Level 3 – Comprehensive Foot & Leg Evaluation

Level 4 – Advanced Skin & Nail Pathology, Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Level 5 – Residency Program * Presentation of Case Studies

Advanced – Art of Touch


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