CFB Pedicure Intake  Pedicure intake form PDF
Footlogix Consultation  InformationForm2-up
Footlogix Prescription  At-Home Care pads4-up
Micrylium BioSurf MSDS MSDS Micrylium Biosurf
Micrylium BioVac MSDS Micrylium BioVac MSDS
Micrylium BioSon MSDS BioSon MSDS Micrylium
Footlogix DD Cream             Footlogix DD Cream Mousse – With Spirulina SDS 2015  
Daily Maintenance Mousse Footlogix Daily Maintenance (2) SDS 2015
Very Dry Skin Mousse           Footlogix Very Dry Skin Mousse (3) SDS 2015
Cracked Heel Mousse             Footlogix Cracked Heel (3+) SDS 2015
Cold Feet Mousse                        Footlogix Cold Feet (4) SDS 2015                               
Sweaty Feet Mousse Footlogix Sweaty Feet (5) SDS 2015
Peeling Skin Mousse Footlogix Peeling Skin (7) SDS 2015
Rough Skin Mousse Footlogix Rough Skin (7+) SDS 2015
Nail Tincture Spray SDS – KVG FXP Antifungal Tincture (BFN04) – Rev1
Tired Leg Mousse Footlogix Tired Legs Formula (8) SDS 2015
Foot Deodorant Spray Footlogix Foot Deodorant Spray (9) SDS 2015
Shoe Deodorant Spray Footlogix Shoe Deodorant Spray (10) SDS 2015
Foot Soak Footlogix Foot Soak (13) SDS 2015
Callus Softener Footlogix Callus Softener (18) SDS 2015
Seaweed Scrub                                                     Footlogix Seaweed Pedi Scrub (15) SDS 2015                                                        
Massage Formula Footlogix Massage Formula (19) SDS 2015
LCN Anti Age lifting concentrate anti-age-lifting-concentrate-rev-000
Anti Age overnight mask anti-age-overnight-mask-rev-000
Anti Age hand/nail bath hand-nail-bath-rev-005_c
Anti Age peeling cream peeling-cream-rev-005_c
Exfoliating foot cream exfoliating-cream-foot-rev-001
Urea Soak Spray soak-spray
Urea Foot cream urea-10-foot-cream-rev-001
Urea Foot bath urea-15-foot-bath_rev-001
Urea 40% chapped skin cream urea-40-chapped-skin-cream-rev-001


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