LCN Disinfection

Kodan SprayReady-to-use disinfection for antimicrobial treatment
of limited skin areas.  Good skin tolerance. 30 second contact time.  Great to use with “toe flossing”  Alcohol base with lactic acid to maintain PH of 5.5



Kodan Wipes-Use Kodan Wipes for toe flossing, hand or foot cleaning. 30 second contact time



Mikrozid-Surface cleaning and disinfection.  Blend of 2 alcohols for a very high performance against viruses with 2 minute contact time.  Contains no aldehydes.  Safe on all surfaces.



Octenisept-Wound antiseptic. Broad spectrum antiseptic for accidental cuts or abrasions.  Painless and fast acting.

Antisept – For cuticle care.  Antiseptic solution to protect against microbial influences on and around cuticle area.  Glycerin & Hydrolyzed Keratin to assist healing.