2017 New LCN items

[vc_row][vc_column width=”5/6″][vc_column_text]GOLDEN GIRL MASK:

Provide an instant Deluxe-Rejuvenation treatment with the new LCN Instant Peel-off Mask.  Especially suitable for hands/feet/legs.  this mask provides your clients with an anti-Aging experience with a WOW effect.  Application, exceptional fragrance as well as the treatment result are convincing after just one application.




UREA Summertime Display – Includes; (3)Urea Summertime foot cream,(3)Urea 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Express foot spray,(3)Urea 40{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} chapped skin cream, 1 tester each  

Urea 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Summertime Foot Cream – 50ml – This is how summer smells!  Intensively moisturizing foot cream with a special complex of 10{41aa4bb89c477f1e334505d76149b7c47b1e52c0a22817e445c0fb4c76e652bd} Urea and Pro-vitamin B5 for extremely dry skin.


Foot Cream Bar – Includes; (3)Moisturizing Foot Cream, (3)Warming Foot Cream,(3)Refreshing Foot Cream, 1 tester each                                                                                          



Moisturizing Foot Cream – Nautic Scent, Moisturizing foot cream with bees wax and vitamins E and F.  Contains blue algae which provides a smooth and tight feeling to the skin – 100ml 


Warming Foot Cream – Spicy Warm Scent, Warming foot cream with horse chestnut extract, bees wax and red algae.  Also contains Chilli extract which helps promote healthy blood flow – 100ml 


Refreshing Foot Cream – Minty Fresh Scent, Tired legs will wake up again – cooling and refreshing foot cream with green micro algae extract, peppermint oil and lactic acid.  the skin is nurtured with moisture and the regulation of the cornification process is activated – 100ml 

Sensitive Foot Care Mousse – Sensitive care intensive foam for extremely dry, scaly and sensitive skin.  Recommended for stronger cornea formation.  The special active ingredient complex with sunflower oil, argan oil, balloon vine and echium seed oil contracts skin irritation and soothes.  Shake well before each use. 100ml

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