Monteil Skin Care

Preservation of beauty

MONTEIL COSMETICS is regarded as the anti-aging specialist for timeless beauty. As an experienced partner for beauty salons and beauty stores, MONTEIL is represented in over 30 countries worldwide. The main focus of the entire product range is the preservation of youthful-looking skin at every stage of life. MONTEIL takes the pressure off modern women to look beautiful and enables them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Most notable is the cosmetics expert, Germaine Monteil, who laid the foundation of the brand in 1936. “A customized beauty concept for women that encompasses their entire personality, their inner and outer aura.” Germaine Monteil passed on a legacy that has lived on in the spirit and the brand of MONTEIL for 80 years and sets premium standards in effective cosmetics. MONTEIL skincare delivers what it promises!

According to this philosophy, MONTEIL cosmetics are developed with the highest scientific standards.

With the expertise of BRAIN AG, one of Europe’s most technologically advanced companies in the field of industrial, so-called white biotechnology, impulses in innovative skin care are set for the domestic and international cosmetics market for the future.

Special feature: Bioactive, natural, active ingredients of incomparable quality are used in optimally balanced concentrations. Diverse symbiotic effects of compatible ingredients are used that take effect at different places within the skin structure.

Customized, luxurious care MONTEIL treatments with professional MONTEIL products for beauty salons provide the perfect solution for every type of skin and skin condition. MONTEIL home care products complement the treatments optimally and are simple to use.

Let yourself be inspired by MONTEIL

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