Florida Foot Care Education

Centre For Beauty is proud to offer Florida Foot Care Education classes to salon owners and techs looking to offer their clients the best possible experiences.

Offering Florida Foot Care Education Classes

Centre For Beauty is proud to support the Florida Nail Tech & Nail Salon community by offering informative and educational courses to help you offer you clients the most up to date and effective offerings and procedures.

Most of you know, Centre For Beauty is a small Business. We don’t have sales people on the road. Never had. My Business has grown through EBM (Education based Marketing). It is certainly a slow way to grow a Business. However, I will say, the age of social media has surely helped.

I do wonder sometimes, what my Business would be like if I did have a broader base to share all the great things Centre For Beauty has to offer. I do not however, have any regrets.

What we do, how we do it is exactly what I wanted. A Business to help our Technicians grow. A Business which takes our Nail Technicians and helps them realize “we are a very important part of the Beauty Industry”.

Whether you offer clinical pedicures or pampering pedicures. Whether you charge $30.00 or charge $150.00. You are all important.

Education IS key. It is knowledge, it is confidence, it is power.

Florida Foot Care Education

Florida Foot Care Education classes we have offered

  • Infection Prevention
  • Toenail restoration
  • Oncology Care in the Pedicure Room
  • Pedicuring with confidence!

About Centre For Beauty

The creation of Centre for Beauty evolved around the passion CJ has for Education and helping others grow and achieve their dreams. Since 1987 CJ has owned and operated a Full Service Salon/Spa and has educated for some of the top lines in our Beauty Industry. When CJ was National Sales Director for Footlogix, she confirmed what she already knew… The Nail Technician is always treated like the low man on the totem pole.

This confirmation brought her to sell her Salon in 2009 and build a Salon Supply Distribution business promoting Education about Feet. She had one mission in mind. “Provide the Nail Technician the Education, the Attention and the Support they need to safely and properly service their clients”.

CJ is a licensed Nail Technician, with training in Advanced Pedicuring through the North American School of Podology and the Medi-Nails learning program. In 2019 she became Oncology Trained in an effort to bring Oncology care into the Pedicure area via Oncology Spa Solutions.

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