Wholesale Beauty Salon Supply

Wholesale Beauty Salon Supply

Are you busy that that often runs out of salon supplies? We offer wholesale beauty salon supply at affordable price points to help you save money and time. Centre for Beauty brings to your top-quality salon essentials from equipment, tools to supplies, and sundries. Call us for more information.

What supplies do I need for my hair salon?

Salon supplies defer from one another based on the type of salon service and its area of specialty. In case of a hair salon, some of the basic equipment that you must have included:

  • Different varieties of hairdressing scissors, razors and blades for different hairstyles.
  • Hairdressing gowns and towels to lay on the client during a hair service
  • First-class quality shampoos, sprays, conditioners, mousses, perming products, etc
  • Hairdressing electrical like straighteners, clippers, hairdryers, and tongs
  • Different varieties and sizes of brushes & combs
  • Hair coloring supplies such as a wide selection of colors, peroxide, bleach, foils, aprons, latex gloves, mixing bowls, hair color brushes, and towels.

We supply a huge selection for salon products for washing, drying, cutting, and other essentials for hair styling. Save on your procurement costs by ordering wholesale beauty salon supply from us, call us today.

What are some of the beauty salon essentials?

When you plan on opening a general beauty salon, you may have to offer a wide range of beauty treatments. To offer these treatments in the best way possible, your staff must have access to the best salon tools and products. Some of the essentials that every salon must have are:

  • Nail supplies that include a wide selection of nail paint colors, gel polish colors, acrylic, nail files, nail polish removers, buffers, implements, cuticle oils, nail accessories, and nail tips
  • Hair removal products must include a waxing heater, pre-wax lotion, after-wax lotion, a wide selection of waxes, wax strips, couch roll, spatula, and tweezers
  • Lash & brow kits for removing excess hairs in some facial regions like upper lips, eyebrows, and side of cheeks. You also need a lash extension or fake lashes, dappen dish, tinting brush, adhesive, tint developer, and under-eye patches for offering eyelash extension services.

Call us today to enjoy big discounts on bulk orders. We empower you with our top-notch salon supplies equipping your business with a competitive edge over your competitors.

Overcoming competition in the salon business

Choose the right location and advertise exclusive promotions and weekly discounts to draw in new customers. Choosing a location with a high footfall can draw in more customers to your salon. Hire staffs that possess the highest level of skill, talent, and passion for the job. Work on gaining customer loyalty and building employee loyalty towards your salon. A loyal customer base and committed-staff team can take your business to great heights.

To maximize your profits and reduce expenses, Centre for Beauty brings you the option of ordering wholesale beauty salon supply. Your secret to success is just a phone call away. Get in touch with us to know more about our current promotional offers and discounts.

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