Sns Nails Near Me

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Sns Nails Near Me

Signature Nail Service, SNS, is a special type of manicure that involves the use of colored powder rather than shellacs or gels.  It is a rather new type of manicure that is only available at a limited number for SNS nails near me. The process is usually considered to be a healthier alternative to a traditional manicure because it doesn’t use UV light or primers. There are many benefits to SNS manicures.

Benefits of SNS Manicures

SNS nails near me utilize vitamin E and calcium in the dipping powder. This helps to strengthen the nails and you can actually feel the difference in your nails after having your nails done over time. The type of powder that is used is thinner and so it feels more breathable on your nails. The process doesn’t use UV light so it’s much better for your hands and nails and it takes less time than traditional gel or shellac manicures.

There are just as many color options with SNS nails as there are with others. You can also opt for special effects such as glitter. Most importantly, SNS manicures last a lot longer than shellac or gel manicures. While shellac or gel manicures last about ten days to two weeks, an SNS manicure can last up to a month. That’s up to twice as long so you won’t need to have your nails done as often.

Find SNS Nails Near Me

SNS is a somewhat new process so it isn’t offered at very many locations. Luxe Nails and Spa offers SNS nails near me in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a full service nail salon and spa that offers 5 star SNS services. SNS manicures are top rated among consumers across the globe. Once you have this type of manicure done you will see how good it looks and feels.

In addition to SNS nails, Luxe Nails and Spa also offers pedicures as well as traditional manicures. We utilize the latest and best technologies to ensure that our premises are kept clean and sanitary. You will always get a state-of-the-art manicure performed by one of our experienced technicians.

When you step into our spa you will immediately begin to feel calm and relaxed. We will pamper you throughout your visit to ensure that you have the best experience possible. You will immediately notice that there is no unpleasant chemical odor in our establishment like there is in typical nail salons. You can quickly relax in comfort while our technicians work their magic.

When you want a pedicure look no further than Luxe Nails and Spa. We use Contego spa chairs, known by many as the best in the business. The chairs envelope you in comfort while providing the perfect temperature water to soak your feet.  The chairs also offer the best way for technicians to give pedicures. Best of all, the process is completely sanitary so there is no need to worry about germs. Visit our spa today to treat yourself to a wonderful manicure or pedicure.


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