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Orland Park Hair Salon

Are you sick of having to deal with frizzy hair every day? Curly hair could be your natural hair type, or it could be due to hair damage. Either way, at La Couture Hair Studio, an Orland Park hair salon, we offer several hair treatments to repair damaged hair or to smooth your frizzy hair semi-permanently.

Hair treatments for frizzy or damaged hair

If you’re tired of having to apply anti-frizz spray every day to smooth out your frizzy hair, most salons do semi-permanent smoothing hair treatments. Most of these treatments would be keratin hair treatments.

There are different types of keratin hair treatments suited for different hair types and with mixed results. A Brazilian Blowout, for example, is a keratin treatment that gives you pin-straight hair, which is perfect if you’re going for a super sleek look. Other keratin treatments are smoothing treatments which are designed to get rid of any frizz and improve your hair’s texture.

So, you need to do a bit of research on the type of hair treatment, so that you know what the outcome would be and if it suits your type of hair. At our Orland Park hair salon, we offer the Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Complex Smoothing Therapy.

How do Keratin Hair Treatments work?

Keratin is the protein that keeps your hair looking smooth and shiny while helping it withstand humidity, the most significant contributor to curly hair. Due to environmental exposure, particularly to the sun, our hair loses keratin, which makes the hair brittle and prone to breaking.

Keratin hair treatments restore this lost keratin back into the hair, making it stronger and more elastic again. Your stylist will coat your hair with a keratin product with a brush, containing hydrolyzed keratin protein. This keratin will go and fill in the ‘gaps’ of the lost keratin from the hair.

After applying the keratin solution to the hair, your stylist will blow dry and flat iron the hair to lock in the keratin into your hair cuticle. Keratin treatments strengthen your hair and makes it less sensitive to humidity, which gets rid of the frizz.

What is Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

The great thing about the Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment is that it is formaldehyde-free, which is popular in other smoothing treatments. The stylist will give you two clarifying shampoo treatments to ensure your hair is clean. Your hair is then thoroughly dried before starting the treatment.

The Coppola Keratin treatment product is brushed on to small sections of hair, and left for 20 minutes, during which you’ll be wearing a plastic cap. After removing any excess product, your hair is then smoothed several times with a flat iron.

The entire process lasts 2-3 hours and you can’t wash your hair for 72 hours after the treatment.

If you live near Orland Park and looking for some great Keratin treatments to get rid of that pesky frizz, try our Coppola Keratin treatment at our Orland Park hair salon called La Couture Hair Studio.

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