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White Label Manufacturer

White Label Manufacturer

White label manufacturers produce goods for sale by other companies under a different brand name. This form of manufacturing goes beyond private label manufacturing and is useful for new entrants to any market. Businesses looking for a partner in the world of dietary supplements must understand the risks and legal protections related to this industry.

What do white label supplement manufacturers do?

In the nutraceutical industry, white label allows young companies and experimenters to test markets and build products using the knowledge of well-known producers. Partnering with others enables you to create supplements which meet the needs of your market while spending affordably.

The cost of research and development far exceeds the recommended $5000 to $10000 required to start a supplement company. Third-party testing and the certification consumers look for are tricky to navigate as well. Businesses must understand how to navigate the regulatory system to get their supplements to market.

Even obtaining ingredients in bulk is difficult. Negotiating the best terms requires skill and a proven track record. Sellers want to know that any discount leads to repeat business.

SolisLabs cuts through the clutter by helping partners develop and manufacturer formulas. Our services go far beyond manufacturing. Clients have access to experts in chemistry and production to ensure that their supplements are high quality.

Can I save money by outsourcing manufacturing?

Production is expensive. Businesses must spend on facilities and the professionals that bring a product from formula to market.

Savings can reach into the millions. The average company receives up to a 60 percent reduction in cost through outsourcing.

You also gain process sophistication when using an outside manufacturer. Organizations such as SolisLabs work with many certification agencies to produce nutraceuticals for our many clients.

How do I know that a nutraceutical manufacturer is trustworthy?

Intellectual property is a significant concern for companies. This concern is even more pressing when using a white label process. Legal agreements and vetting help to eliminate potential loss.

Even if agreements and patents are in place, some countries are notoriously lax in enforcement. Chinese officials rarely prosecute for breaches in intellectual property. Manufacturers from this region of the world are known to use formulas they receive in their products.

Beyond your hard work, it is essential to know that your partners produce high-quality goods. Certification agencies such as Good Manufacturing Practices, National Product Association, and National Safety Foundation ensure that factories are up to date and their goods are of the best possible quality.

Supplements that do not meet certain standards are adulterated according to the FDA. If your product is hazardous to public health, an injunction and seizure order may cause a significant loss of trust. Therefore, your manufacturers should obtain certification.

Outsourcing saves money. A respectable white label manufacturer helps new companies and experimenters test their market. With access to expert chemists and an eye for quality, SolisLabs can help you bring a reliable product to market that meets demand. Contact us today to learn more.

White Label Manufacturer

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White Label Manufacturer White Label Manufacturer White Label Manufacturer